Mianyang, a woman climbed a high-voltage electric tower burst into the fire killed 4 minutes (Figure cibi

A Mianyang woman climb high voltage tower shock burst burning 4 minutes dead fireball (Figure) 7! Mianyang young woman climb high-voltage tower shock burst fireball burned for 4 minutes and killed 21, about 23:30, a young woman about 24 years old to climb Mianyang (micro-blog) Mian Xing Xi Lu a high-voltage tower. After receiving the alarm, fire officers and local police rushed to the rescue scene, but the woman refused to fire brigade rescue, stop kicking, throwing water bottles with bricks and soldiers, and continue to climb, the woman accidentally electrocuted. Currently, the police are investigating the cause. Fire officers and men, the same day 23:33, they received the alarm, saying that someone in the west to the west to jump, then dispatched 7 officers rushed to the scene to rescue. After arriving at the scene, the fire brigade found a young woman in a high voltage tower 3 meters high, very emotional and continue to climb, but also half brick hands and a bottle of mineral water, the commander immediately ordered 3 soldiers to rescue and police officers at the scene by notice off the electricity sector. However, in the rescue process, the woman emotional, not only kick kick the rescuers, hands on the bricks and throwing water bottles and rescue personnel, and to continue to climb. When the woman climbed to the tower at a central high tension transformer, to ensure that the rescue personnel of their own safety, the commander immediately change the rescue mode, in the power tower below laying rescue cushions, but the woman also continued to climb until climbing to the top of tower, after a minute, the woman’s touch pressure electric wire and electric shock, the shock lasts 4 minutes. 22, at 0:00 on the spot, the electricity sector and the power to do the scene, during the rescue workers responsible for the scene of the alert, evacuate the past people to ensure the safety of the scene, 25. At 1:32, the command center to mobilize reinforcements ladder truck arrived at the scene. At 1:42, the ladder truck arrived at the scene, in order to ensure the absolute power case, determine the rescue method according to the situation, two rescue workers from job protection after boarding ladder, reached the top of the towers to rescue the victim. 2:10, rescue workers will be successful treatment of electric shock empty ground, and handed over to the scene 120 emergency person, but the woman has no signs of life. Currently, the police are further investigation.相关的主题文章: