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Men in the street lewd women to touch his chest ass   claiming deputies (Figure) – Guangdong channel: original title: the man in the street to touch his chest buttocks lewd women deputies screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot to a screenshot of Ms. Zhang said, the morning of September 1st and a few friends to play in the Futian District shopping park area, is preparing to get on the bus to go home that was actually a man looking for sexual harassment. The man then went to the police station also shouting his special identity. What is the special identity? Video surveillance from Ms. Zhang can be seen, she and two female friends walk on the road ready to take a taxi home. All of a sudden a group of people came from behind, holding her, touching her chest and her body. Ms. Zhang’s female friends to protect her first time, with a handbag counterattack man. The man then come swaggeringly to leave, Ms. Zhang quickly stepped forward to catch up with friends, then it under control, the police rushed to the nearby waiting. Ms. Zhang said, to the police station learned that the man surnamed Liu, from Jilin to Shenzhen. At the police station, in the face of police interrogation, the man’s attitude is very arrogant, not only does not recognize my rude behavior to Ms. Zhang, the police also hinted that his identity is very special, claiming to be the Jilin people’s congress. Ms. Zhang said that the original thought that the other side is a rogue, to hear each other to show identity, but also make it difficult for her to accept. These days, she was so nervous that she could hardly sleep every night. Things have been close to a month in the past, so far, Ms. Zhang said that the other side has never made contact with their own, just send some friends to hope that with their own private. So what is this man? The reporter then to Futian police to understand the situation, the police confirmed that the man is indeed involved deputies to the Jilin Municipal People’s Congress has to wait for a reply. Reporter then consulted a lawyer. Lawyers said that if the identity of the man is indeed a representative of the people’s Congress, then the public security organs in Shenzhen will not be able to take coercive measures in the short term. Lawyer: People’s Congress make such protective regulations is mainly to prevent deputies in the process of applying the power to perform the duties of the supervision by the relevant departments of the normal (or individual) and the malicious report take revenge but this does not mean that the people congress certainly enjoy judicial immunity Chinese equality before the law if the National People’s Congress a crime should still be prosecuted for the NPC Standing Committee to take compulsory measures to review and not on the substantive review, that is to say that one representative crime is still a judicial review that lawyers said that in the local people’s Congress Standing Committee ruled out the malicious case take revenge, public security according to the authorities can take the strong System measures. Prior to this, the public security organs of other investigations, can still be normal, should not be affected. (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: