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Many users in case of copycat "Amazon" scam survey –IT– original title: many users in the police involved in the "copycat Amazon" scam police investigation being tampered with the Amazon homepage deceived the spontaneous formation of the QQ group, everyone is talking about the experience of being cheated recently, the number of users to the Beijing Youth Daily the reporter broke the news that the purchase of goods under the orders after receiving phone call claiming to be the Amazon in the Amazon website, called "customer loss of orders, in consultation with the business need a refund". Subsequently, other customers according to the prompts, the bank card, credit card balance, Alipay is planning to go, even a credit card or a Alipay "ant by Bai" credit is spent. Yesterday, reporters BYD from Amazon’s official customer service phone was informed that Amazon did receive some customers in its official website said cheated complaints. The staff said that this situation may be third parties to steal the account and password of the customer in the Amazon, the use of the website interface is not familiar with the relevant features of fraud. Currently, many police have been involved in investigating the user cheated. The event under the pretext of "loss of orders" posing as customer defrauding 15 thousand yuan Li Ping (a pseudonym) in the "Amazon" cheated 15 thousand yuan, she told reporters BYD, August 19th is the anniversary of the big Pro Amazon, "I order to buy two sets of discount books, then choose the online payment". Li Ping recalls, in August 20th, there is a strange number to call to tell Li Ping, 19 of her shopping orders loss. Li Ping began to do not believe, but when she logged on Amazon’s official website, but see all of their orders are gone". The contents of the personal home page into a text: your order has been lost, according to the rules of the mall requires customers to return the funds, the business has been notified to help you refund! If the business does not contact you, please take the initiative to get in touch with the business!" Because the strange phone can accurately say Li Ping account information and she bought things, she couldn’t help believing. Li Ping fell into the scam began. Li Ping’s personal homepage on Amazon in addition to prompt "lost orders", there is a marked as "learn more" link, she thought, is a link oriented "fishing website", this "phishing" almost completely "copycat" Amazon page. In this copy of the Amazon page, there are tips to guide Li Ping refund, but asked her to enter their bank card account, password, phone verification code and other information. Li Ping asked to enter the information soon after they received a deduction of 15 thousand yuan of information sent to the bank, when she finally realized that he cheated. Statistics of the more than and 100 person cheated about 3000000 yuan, BYD reporter learned that the country have set up a spontaneous Amazon users 107 people cheated QQ group. According to the group deceived statistics, the amount of money they cheated ranging from tens of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, the maximum amount reached 215 thousand yuan. In addition, they said the statistics, the current amount of deception in the group amounted to more than and 300相关的主题文章: