Man hand slip WeChat turn wrong four thousand seconds was pulled into the blacklist roselip

Man "handglide" WeChat wrong turn four thousand yuan seconds by our blacklist [review] a man in Chongqing WeChat search for beauty and as a friend, hot chat when another friend call transfer, man "handglide" will be four thousand yuan wrong to beauty, want to recover but being pulled into the blacklist. The current video screenshot, mobile payment with its convenient features by more and more people to accept, but not careless in the payment process, otherwise it will bring you more trouble. October 22nd 15 am, Chongqing District, Shapingba, police officers at the speed of the team received a public warning that he was transferred in WeChat, accidentally transferred the money to strangers, hoping to recover the money back to the 110. Police immediately rushed to the scene of the university city is located in the city street, saw the police man mo. The same day, Mr. Mo just used WeChat search nearby people to add a friend, from the other side of the head, it is a beautiful young girl. The other said he was doing a mobile phone business, think of his recent period of time to buy a new phone idea, Mr. Mo will chat with each other. Hot chat, Mr. Mo friend Xiao tan from WeChat, called Mr. Mo turn four thousand yuan money for my own. At the time of the Mo in the transfer, accidentally slip, the money will be transferred to the newly added beauty account. When Mr. Mo realized that the wrong account, immediately silly eye, ask the other party will return the money to himself, but the other party pulled him into the blacklist. Understand the situation, the police were criticized for Mo’s carelessness. Subsequently, the police will be brought to the police station, Mr. Mo Xiyong for further investigation. Here, the police reminded the public involved in money transactions, we must be careful, do not be negligent. Related news: WeChat car play grab 2 red corner hit the pole 1000 yuan for today’s hot: a "Chongqing night" 5 infringement photographer self-study law wins parcel express company: strange disappearance of ghosts know website experienced what Chongqing first fat half lose 180 pounds eight hundred pounds of glass fell instantly Chongqing woman to run can’t run相关的主题文章: