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"Love" between life and death in the 70 year old Cheng Peipei boot challenge Waltz dancers – Sohu entertainment scene, Cheng Peipei revealed that he was filming hard waltz.   the film "love between life and death" in Ningbo press conference.   Sohu entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling photo) before the movie "love in the life and death between the" boot press conference held in Ningbo, director Cheng Peipei, Xia Dejun, Bai Chatwin with Zhou Shixuan, Li Xiapei, Li Wenjun, Qazi starring debut together. The scene, Cheng Peipei revealed that he was filming hard waltz. The movie "love is the emotional inspirational film a warm heart in between life and death", the story is based on real news events happened in Ningbo, the reduction of the Hubei youth art Liang Guohua from a "foreign patient" reborn as the "new Ningbo" real experience. The director said the white Chatwin: This is a positive energy to promote the awareness of the film, calling for human love, praise the large homes of Oriental wisdom. Hongkong actor Cheng Peipei is to give up the opportunity to leave in Hawaii, back to Ningbo to participate in shooting. Cheng Peipei plays in the film as a "mother of Ningbo", for the body to participate in the dance to participate in the dance competition. Cheng Peipei frankly choose to come to Ningbo filming the movie love, from their hearts of gratitude, gratitude is the founder of a mentor of Shaw studio from Ningbo philanthropist Mr. Run Run Shaw, two as the Grand Master of the disciples, with a grateful heart, transfer extension of love, warmth is a compulsory course for losers. In this movie, the seventy year old Cheng Peipei is also the first attempt to deduce the waltz dancer, she said he no Waltz skills to "never too old to learn". Has been working career Cheng Peipei called circle model worker, she admitted that love arrange their work very busy, "I think people must work to live, if there is no use that is alive is not interesting, this is my personal feeling." Young actor Xia Junde in the film broke the news that, when filming in the upper part of the play was accidentally injured, and now has not yet fully recovered, but still adhere to the training on time every day on time to attend the. In addition, Cheng Peipei’s family life is very admirable, never take the assistant Cheng Peipei two daughter in the studio with close, Cheng Peipei happy face said: "I urge the daughter to eat is very normal, because I eat, often are not normal, exercise is another point, she will be together I practice yoga, with swimming, do not do the same exercise."相关的主题文章: