Lol laughed a traffic accident is fine but disfigured!

LOL laughed a traffic accident is fine but "disfigured"! Helen exposes in micro-blog, for the first time in a car accident, his disfigured! What’s the matter? We might as well take a look at the hair of the micro-blog: text version: I really took the!! The first time in a car accident!! When I drove up, I said, I don’t have to wear a seat belt. I did not have worked out for 10 years. Jessica insisted that tie, brothers say you despise me tied technology. Jessica insisted on tying.. I’ll just make fun of Fla! This may in what.! The result is really his mom hit! Not serious! But! I didn’t have to tie it back in the back!! Left face and eyes swollen! Still in the way to god! Little injury does not matter the program is still on. Here comes the question. Is my poison poison or jessica. From the summary view is Jessica it does insist on wearing a seat belt, the driver said the seatbelt despise him, the Sika or on the line, smile because sitting in the back row no results, really hurt, Helen poxiang, but no matter what! Later friends Tucao: do not do the back seat belt? The results responded with a smile: no brother, brother! This is what the fuck the car, no rear seat belt? The result was a small partner, said the rear seat belt is very subtle, usually in the middle of the two seats in the seam, the results of a smile, said: well batch! I was killed, there really is! At present, Jessica said, because he was wearing a seat belt. So, remind you of the car, the car must be Caution!, protective measures can not be less! Many netizens also expressed concern about the encounter for smile, although these fans rind sometimes quite irritating, but the key still love TA. Editor: now more and more private cars, the number of annual license also surged, whether you are a car or the car, please must do protection work, fasten the safety belt is at least one might measure absolute safety belt can be awkward, when your life is in danger, you may know that a simple safety belt at the crucial moment may save you a little life! (School of demacia) happy together! The female anchor and forgot to turn off the camera (Photos)相关的主题文章: