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Liu Ye hit the rearview mirror "flutter big eyes" was his charmed Beijing – Beijing in September 29, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, handsome male god, adorable baby a dad, Liu Ye, was in the movie press conference said he has" spirit of beauty, "said too confident of appearance," you go to my face with more mud nor shelter, usually there are always in the micro-blog sun from the camera, said "we know love" so fierce sun, Liu Ye yesterday’s confidence to a new level, is the beautiful eyes fascinated when driving is actually called, his own eyes! Fire Hua club president Liu Ye has always been the foreign table fairly confident that day before said unless someone said to him, "don’t talk about self, otherwise he will not stop, he amused fans, yesterday at micro-blog posted a reflection in the car rearview mirror reflecting eyes shine, wrote:" fan a pair of big eyes ", and this is the magic eye double lights illuminate the master, it is in the driver’s seat of his own. I also found that crazy fans, simply by their president, could not help but play jokes on him "catch this point for how long?" "North of the equator, Liu Ye is the most beautiful, OK," but also his son dragged into the water, simulated dialogue, Connaught: Dad, what do you say? Look into my eyes and say it again.相关的主题文章: