Linjiangguo guerrilla hero ending to protect love Wang Ke, entertainment channe kaya scodelario

Lin Jiangguo "guerrilla hero" ending to protect   love Wang Ke, entertainment channel, recently, in the Liaoning satellite TV and Guizhou satellite TV, starring Lin Jiangguo, Wang Ke’s legendary drama "Anti Japanese guerrilla hero" has entered the end, Lin Jiangguo’s patriotic soldiers Li Changpeng, brave, and guerrilla leader both intelligent and courageous. Wang Ke’s feelings are more gradually warming, jagged tough guy is tenderness capture all girl heart, dubbed the most handsome officer. In the play, Li Changpeng (Lin Jiangguo ornaments) the smart and handsome, attracts Princess Lu Yu Fei (Chen Philippines ornaments) and "female guerrilla leader" Wu Xichun (Wang Ke ornaments) of all ages, with the development of the story, Li Changpeng and Wu Xichun experienced a test of life and death, two people have been deeply attract each other, just to determine the feelings of them, the gluey, sweet loving, but in the fierce attack and conspiracy of the enemy, again have to face the choice of life and death, one side is through thick and thin love, one is for the country to resist the enemy’s interests, Lee Chang Peng will face a choice of the most difficult in life. Lin Jiangguo said in an interview, there will be some of their own shadow character, larger character, their values on the inside, in addition to privately through sport and fitness, let oneself can at any time to maintain the best condition, more time will be used to read some books, watch some classic film, gain some experience. The role of Li Changpeng, dare to love and hate, very courageous, more is to play, he love Wu Xi Chun, so in the play, to protect this woman. He is a man, as a soldier, he also has the responsibility to protect our homes and defend our country, he is a good example of a man and a soldier of the two identity. It is reported, was hailed as "the soldier’s best spokesperson sent guy" Lin Jiangguo, recently for the new movie "raging fire 3" shot to believe that we will certainly be able to once again bring shock for the audience’s visual experience, perfect for the dedication of a fully and delightfully. Lock Liaoning TV and Guizhou TV evening prime time broadcast of "guerrilla hero", see how the country two Linjiangguo jagged tough guy. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: