Life hangs a line This is the most advanced child abuse reality show (video) tonya mitchell

"Life on the line:" this is the most senior of the child star reality show [Abstract] today to give you this is a very shocking, will play to the extreme science experiment program – "life is on the line."! The Tencent entertainment Zhuangao Peng Kanxiao meditation "science" sounds like a serious boring words, science class program is not too popular, many domestic TV stations will be regarded as a type of no ratings. But this bias may be needed to be reversed. In the past two years, a big phenomenon in the international mode is the rise of science and entertainment programs. The American and British television network ABC BBC coincidentally launched the "Robot Wars" programs, ITV launched "here is not rocket lab", Sky Television launched the "believeitornot" has more output to the United States, Italy, France and other countries, South Korea KBS in the Mid Autumn Festival pilot program also launched a "disappearing spoon – Science or magic"…… By grafting of comedy, games, reality shows and other entertainment elements, scientific programs have become new cool, both ornamental and knowledge, not a lack of audience value. Today to give you tell me this is a great, will play to the extreme science experiment program – "life is on the line."! As the name suggests, the new program on the Norway TV station is a science fiction themed program. In each episode, a handsome, a physics background star, will be a scientific theorem for inspiration, its development will become a mad experiment idea, close contact with one million volts from lightning, to through the burning fire, and even to climb skyscrapers cleaner. Each experiment in the program is like going to a bet on life as a bet, and the weight of the bet is the host’s unwavering belief in science. This program is made up 41% of the audience share in Norway premiere on the same day, far more than other programs at the same time. Australian and American versions will also be launched. It is said that there are Chinese TV stations have already seen this program, or will be launched in the next year, the Chinese version. What is the magic of this model? The crazy idea of the most senior "child star" in the variety show of barbaric growth period, the audience has seen all kinds of abuse and abuse of the heart of the reality show, such as the island, wild adventure, crazy tricky…… But compared with the "life line", these are pale into insignificance by comparison. Because "life hangs a line," the subject of every challenge, are related to life; every attempt to experiment, the host will be on the death of life in the hands of death. This can be said to be the most senior "child star", both thrilling, but not nonsensical spoof, but contains a faith and communication of science. Here we have to look at the host have experienced what makes people be struck dumb experiment. For example, the crazy pendulum experiment, the host needs to be thrown along the head of a weighing 900 kg of iron pendulum. In the "energy conservation law" under the action of no external force, falling pendulum will not be higher than the landing position again, so according to this truth will not hit the big iron ball to host. But is the reality really consistent with the ideal theorem?相关的主题文章: