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Leshan female zebra was knocked down after being rolled two motorcycle accident were escaping (Figure) Leshan Shawan pedestrian knocked the two rolling by Leshan (micro-blog) news (reporter Xu Zisheng) was originally an ordinary accident together, but because of the indifference of passers-by caused by injured two damage, even more angry is the two motorcycle drivers face when the accident chose to leave the wounded to escape the scene. Recently, a small piece of traffic accident in the circle of friends circulated, people have commented that such behavior is too shameful! We can see from the video, 30 seconds at 7:10 on the morning of November 2nd, in the vicinity of the forestry bureau of Copper River Road Shawan District on the road, wearing a white short sleeved woman is a zebra crossing, a motorcycle suddenly sprang to the woman knocked to the ground. Subsequently, the motorcycle driver checked off after being knocked down by the white woman, found the woman injured tic temporarily lost the ability to act, the injured unexpectedly dropped on a motorcycle ran swiftly. The motorcycle driver fled the scene in less than 10 seconds, fell to the ground injured by another motorcycle rolling, shocking is after the motorcycle driver found pressure, but also did not return, a throttle off. Followed by a white car business woman fell to the ground at a distance of close range emergency stopped the car, but the owners did not get off the view, but a few steps from the injured side bypass. Until then, only a passer-by to stand in front of the wave warning, the protection of the injured. According to the video reporter rough statistics, from the white woman was knocked down to the passers-by to stand up and protect the injured just a minute and a half, there are fifteen cars, motorcycles and dozens of pedestrians passing by, but no one to rescue the injured, no one stopped the motorcycle. November 4th evening, the reporter contacted the families of the injured, it is understood that the injured Ms. Zhang is not serious, has been discharged, but the accident has not found the motorcycle driver. Ms. Zhang said the family, although no serious injured, but escapes nature too bad, want the driver to surrender as soon as possible, and hope the witnesses or informants, call 110 to contact the police to provide clues.相关的主题文章: