Lee Jun-ki mad minus 15 kg skinny, super V awl face (Figure) – Beijing ajviewer

Lee Jun-ki mad minus 15 kg skinny, super V awl face (Figure) – Beijing, Lee Jun-ki micro-blog. In new network on 12 September, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, Han Lee Jun-ki has superb acting, especially always the perfect interpretation of the costume drama role, even netizens think is the most suitable costumes actor. He shared a Shuaizhao on the Internet yesterday, but because of suspected skinny, let the fans exclaimed "how Obama?" Lee Jun-ki in the photo, put on a cute expression with love gestures, turn over a large number of fans. However, triggered a hot than he was emaciated figure, not only super thin V awl face, even the body according to see he’s skinny appearance, so fans worry in under the message "a thin, distressed", "long meat don’t feel. Pakistan can poke the dead", "too thin, eat ah". In fact, Lee Jun-ki had an interview, said frankly: "director Li" startling step by step, in order to let the four Prince looks sharp and harsh, he will continue to lose weight in filming within half a year later for a total play mad minus 15 kg. But today the exposure photograph seems thinner than previously, it is no wonder that the fans so distressed, have shouted that Obama can take care of myself.相关的主题文章: