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Real-Estate Known as The Pacific Pearl, Mazatlan is a city rich in Traditions, History, Art and Culture. It was founded in 1531, its territorial extension is about 5,000 sq kilometers, located at 23 degrees and 21 kilometers from the Tropic of Cancer, that is why the wonderful weather all year-around, the nicest beaches and the worldwide famous sunsets. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico, because of its variety of activities for all types of preferences such as Golf, Fishing, Water sport Activities, Boating, great food and friendly people. Mazatlan has be.e the tourist destination that offers the best value in Mexico when you consider what you get with what you pay, for example if you .pare Mazatlan with Los Cabos you’ll soon find out that when you match up apples to apples you can find a similar product in Mazatlan at up to 50% of the price in relation to the one in Los Cabos. There are a few reasons for that but the main one is the fact that Mazatlan was kept behind in the tourist destinations the Mexican government chosen to develop. 30 years ago when Mexico began to be a popular destination for tourism, "Fonatur" the Mexican trust for the promotion of tourism, focused mainly in Los Cabos and Cancun area giving them most of its budget for infrastructure and promotion. Places like Mazatlan had to grow on their own; therefore the tourist development was not as fast. The result is that when places like Los Cabos had all the promotion and infrastructure at the same time became more expensive due to the growing demand. People looking to invest and retire in Mexico had these places on their mind making the demand higher and higher. On the other hand Mazatlan kept growing on a steady but not as fast rhythm. For this reason, for its proximity to United States and Canada, and affordability with an upscale life style now Mazatlan has became for many, second home and Retirement home, and it is growing to be primary home for some others. Americans and Canadians are pleasantly surprise to find out the low cost and excellent quality of Medical care and medical facilities. Mazatlan real estate has impressive Houses and Condominiums projects, low property taxes, affordable Real Estate options and premium life style at low cost of living, all that offers remarkable investment opportunities and makes Mazatlan for Retirees first choice when searching for a Retirement home. The New Marina is a big Project that brought together many developers in the Country making a reality of a first class Marina .munity and highly attractive Real Estate investment. Marina Costa Bonita Villas Resort is the "Jewell of the Crown" of this Marina. It’s simple the best Marina .munity in Mazatlan offering 133 beautiful exclusive condominiums enclosed in magnificent landscaped gardens along with unique views, singular amenities, attentive services and unmatched quality. Marina Costa Bonita is a reality made by "Constructora Mont" a .pany with 30 years of experience in Developing very prestigious and successful housing projects all around the Country. In 1978, Arq. Jesus R. Montoya founded, and is still chairman of the board of Constructors Mont,S.A. de C.V., responsible of the development of over 6,000 houses, as well as presiding over different architectural and construction projects throughout the Country. In 1970 Mr. Eduardo Habif started the construction of 18 beach front houses, opening a new market in Mazatlan. In 1973 he developed the first beach front condominium building in town: Playa Escondida. Since then, he’s had countless projects, both in Mazatlan and Los Cabos. In 1999 Costa Bonita Resorts was developed through a partnership with Constructors Mont, S.A. de C.V. and its partners. When it .es to spend or to invest, the economists say that when you invest in Real Estate, you’ll never go wrong, either to have a place to live, rent or sale it is always a business with a good profit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: