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Business Kickstarter is a popular platform for people around the world who need funds for their creative projects. This platform is extremely popular around the world and lot of attractive projects has been .pleted so far. Creative ideas about art, fashion, games, electronics, films etc. are backed by Kickstarter .munity. Despite the successes of a lot of their projects, however Kickstarter is not a full proof system. There are several areas which needs fixing to make the Kickstarter more attractive and reliable for the entrepreneurs and the investors. There is no doubt that the biggest success of Kickstarter is that it can actually kick starting a project funding. And over the last few years, hundreds of creative projects started with the help of Kickstarter. But the concern is about the .pletion of these projects because not all of them were delivered on time. And most importantly a lot of them were not .pleted at all. The success rate, according to the Kickstarters status is around 44%. So there is something to be done to ensure more projects to be .pleted. It is because according to the statistics, it seems that kickstarter can start a project but the execution of that project is not always according to the plan. Another important thing is that, the ideas that get funds are mostly easy and creative. But the execution is on the other hand is harder than it looks. Because of this reason, investors are now diligent about the ideas and the team behind them. Now one thing for sure, kickstarter is not actually a platform to judge the merits of the projects but when the out.e of a project looks bad, it also make the kickstarter looks bad. It is widely known that Kickstarter is for creative projects. Among their project categories, game is very important because there are lots of successful game projects .pleted on Kickstarter. But still, from the investors point of view, they should change their policy about game development projects. It is because often they never materialize. It is because there are no difference between a small, inexperienced game developer team and an experienced game developing team in Kickstarter. So it is often difficult for the investors to determine which game project will succeed. There is no doubt that Kickstarter has helped a lot of people making their creative ideas true and they also have a large number of satisfied investors. So if some of these weaknesses and points can be considered, then it will be the greatest source of creative project funding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: