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JX world romantic night exposure star   Wu Yifan led the stars — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn today, millet company, Xishanju jointly announced the "world Musketeers millet romantic night — and JX 20 years the festival concert at the Beijing Museum in September 16th, shocked. Today, officially announced the long-awaited lineup, led by popular idol Wu Yifan, Xiao Ke, Wu Mo, letter, Li Qi, honey bee will play classical music concert, hosted the gala as a well-known host of china. Then, the stars with thousands of spectators witnessed a JX classic martial arts IP derived from the cross visual feast. "Romantic" blasting work, the full moon night the stars with you "Moon" stars festival will be always around the "romantic feelings and the central theme of giving the audience a shock the senses and the mind of the feast, Wu Yifan as the" world Musketeers "Mobile Games spokesperson, with Xiao Ke, Wu Mochou, letter, artist Li Qi and bees girls together for the ceremony to offer their songs. 15 of the 16 round moon, full moon night, the most can not miss is the Mid Autumn Festival is a good day for reunion moon, in order to fit the game to celebrate the leisure scene, and the scene of the stars host China less all together will live together with you will be "full moon" — experience in the game to play in a concert to celebrate. A memorable mid autumn festival activities with you. A new interpretation of the classic martial arts IP, repeated brush industry new benchmark swordsman feelings 20 years, continuous innovation of the picture, bring new surprises to the game player, the past feelings is also memorable. Millet in the JX world romantic night Festival, also with music and visual elements to tell the arena of pains and sorrows, a new model to create the one and only the swordsman in the world game + music arena, is a cross linkage minstrel Carnival festival. 20 years of classic JX series IP, brought together 200 million martial arts game player feelings and expect the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games is a super class S MMOARPG Mobile Games, millet is alone on behalf of Xishanju blockbuster 2016 annual flagship product, the picture and experience comparable to PC the end of the tour. Once launched, the old game player by love and praise, in the two delete files in online, the first test 48 hours reservation number 500 thousand, the ultimate niece appointment 6 hours 1 million to 48 hours, breaking 3 million 500 thousand, Mobile Games repeatedly refresh the industry record. In order to serve the audience, millet Jianxia romantic night ceremony will be televised by Iqiyi and Millet’s official website, also invited the 20 year old swordsman hardcore game player attended, and we spend a romantic night swordsman. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: