Julie, Pitt divorce dispute more than the woman wants to be custody of property to be split lformat

Julie, Peter: the divorce disputes to custody of property to be segmented – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, yesterday, with Brad Pitt fell in love for 9 years, two years of marriage Angelina Julie announced their divorce. Users shocked, but also for the reasons for the two divorce and subsequent property division, child custody and other issues of great concern. Data figure: actress Angelina (Angelina Jolie) and her husband, Pete (Brad Pitt) ().   in the dispute in more than 10 years of history have long-distance love Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie along the way, from the initial acquaintance to let two people love the controversial. Brad Pitt in 2000 with actress Jennifer Aniston wedding, but in 2004 but with CO star in "Mrs Smith" Angelina Julie met and spread love. In January 2005, Brad Pitt divorce, May 2006 Angelina Julie gave birth to two first children – Julie Pitt, Shiloh nouvel. Currently two people have a total of 3 biological children, the adoption of the 3 children. It was not until 2012 that the engagement was announced, and the wedding was held in France in 2014, ending 10 years of love. Two people married life is very sweet, not only often have a vacation for two and sweet life picture exposure, they are more in the movie "the sea" in cooperation, will love picture to the big screen, once the envy of many friends. In July this year, two people also open the road, when they took the twins to the West Hollywood enjoy a birthday breakfast. In August, two people also recently celebrated the "Cotton wedding anniversary" (2 anniversary). Data figure: Angelina, Julie and Brad Pitt attended the event.   in the dull life break outside hot divorce reason in recent days, Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie divorce news online crazy pass, some netizens exclaimed, "you still think you are together, love", "not good when the model couple", "every year there are always so a few months no longer believe in love, even a dynamic figure expression package friends made Jennifer Aniston to watch the mood. Subsequently, the woman’s lawyer, said: This is the decision to make the family health, she will not respond in this period of time, but also ask everyone in this difficult time, to her family a little privacy." In addition, Brad Pitt has also issued a statement: "I’m very sorry, but now the most important thing is our children’s peace, I sincerely ask everybody to give them a little space, which is what they deserve in this difficult period." I sigh, for two people divorce but also to the outside world is very concerned about the truth. According to the "Taiwan ETTV cloud" news, Angelina married Julie and Brad Pitt in conflict, from the education of children to work idea are to let two people unable to reach a consensus. Brad Pitt in recent years has been in showbiz battles, and Angelina Julie to join the public in recent years, more into British Politics)相关的主题文章: