Jiyuan matricide case more than and 20 year old why he waved the knife to the mother drop dead diva

Jiyuan "matricide" case: more than and 20 year old mother why he waved the knife to the police arrested the suspect Zhao Kaikai Jiyuan police for map Henan Daily reporter Cheng Yalong in September 9th, 27 year old Zhao Kaikai at home, holding a kitchen knife to escape after the 61 year old mother hacked to death. After the incident, Jiyuan police quickly set up a task force, after a month of investigation in October 8th after the detection of cases, arrested the suspect Zhao Kaikai, the mother of murder confessed to the crime. [event] Jiyuan man with a knife hacked mother in September 9th, the murder occurred in Jiyuan city Jade Spring office building a house in the village, 61 year old Li Xiaoran (a pseudonym) suffered multiple stab wounds down in a pool of blood, was discovered by my neighbor, was not breathing. Li Xiaoran 88 year old mother who was also cut off a lot, but still conscious, repeated his mouth: "little dye is not, it is Kaikai." 27 years ago, 2 month old Zhao Kaikai was Mrs. Li Xiaoran from home near a farmhouse to adopt a child, spoiled in the knees. Neighbors said, slack, Li Xiaoran also take the time to work, earn 50 yuan a day of hard money, earn money to his son spent. Some time ago, Li Xiaoran also asked neighbors to help his son find a wife, I did not expect her to die in the hands of the son." In the eyes of the villagers in the village, Zhao Kaikai previously sensible obedient, but since a few years ago cheated into MLM organization, a big change in temperament. "The stimulation in the MLM organization, with their father died of cancer, and that the system may be adopted, psychological problems." Li Xiaoran, a relative said, Li Xiaoran also spent a few million will be sent to a psychiatric hospital in Xinxiang. Captured a month after the escape was arrested in Jiyuan after the incident, the villagers on the village of Zhao Kaikai mother killed most of them do not want to mention the matter, there are different reasons. In October 8th, the Jiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau informed that the suspect Zhao Kaikai was arrested in Jiyuan on the five mouth, killing mother confessed to the crime. And why matricidal not provided notification. Informed that, after receiving the alarm, Jiyuan City Public Security Bureau immediately launched the murder of the rapid reaction mechanism, quickly deployed more than 60 police set up a task force to carry out the work, and by WeChat, micro-blog and other new media to mobilize the masses to award. Nearly a month to track the activities of the police task force around Zhao Kaikai’s work, the range of 5 kilometers on the scene may be hidden inside the park, wells, abandoned housing search, and the surrounding villages masses by investigation, visit, post xiechatongbao. In combination with the Internet working situation, the task force of the city’s Internet cafes were dispatched, and sent multiple police investigation, surveillance of the surrounding counties of Jiyuan and Zhao Kaikai before the work place. In October 8th 14, the masses found the suspect Zhao Kaikai in the vicinity of Jiyuan Wulong town village. Li Jingming led the Police Bureau police quickly arrived at the scene, Zhang Wei Li Shuoyi will suspect Zhao Kaikai arrested." The notice said, after investigation, the suspect Zhao Kaikai, to kill mother confessed to the crime. 9 am, the Jiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Propaganda Department staff, the case is under further investigation, there are new exhibitions timely notice. (Henan business daily)相关的主题文章: