Jing Kun high-speed Pingyang section of the accident has caused 17 dead Luo Huining instructions sichen

Jing Kun Expressway in Pingyang accident has caused 17 dead and Luo Huining directed the original title: Jing Kun Expressway in Pingyang killed 17 people in Shanxi provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining on the accident treatment indication to CNR network Shanxi Taiyuan November 22nd news (reporter Yue Xuhui) affected by rain and snow, November 21st at 9 pm, Taiyuan 65KM+500M high-speed Jing Kun Pingyang, car collision accident has occurred. As of 21 PM, the accident resulted in the death of a total of 17 people, injured in 37 vehicles damaged by the 56. After the accident, the Shanxi provincial government attaches great importance to. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining immediately made important instructions on the disposal of the accident, he asked the provincial authorities responsible comrades went to the scene to organize rescue and disposal. To a high sense of responsibility, go all out to treat the injured, the proper placement of the victims, meticulous work to do the family. He stressed that in the near future, climate change, extreme weather prone, prone to road accidents. Relevant departments and units to learn lessons, do a good job of emergency plans, strengthen measures to strengthen the inspection, maintenance and safety of personnel safety education, and resolutely curb heavy road traffic accidents. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Lou Yangsheng asked the relevant departments and local governments to do a good job wounded, accident investigation and rehabilitation work. By Luo Huining, Lou Yangsheng appointed, Shanxi provincial Party committee, the provincial government party members Sun Shaocheng rushed to the scene to guide the rescue, visit condolences to the wounded, and the accident treatment and good things after the accident, the relevant departments in Shanxi province and the local government immediately launched the emergency response, public security, traffic police, fire, transportation, medical and other rescue forces rushed to the to implement the rescue scene. Currently, the end of the scene of the rescue, the cause of the accident is under further investigation. After full treatment, 37 wounded vital signs stable, police and traffic police departments are stepping up the removal of obstacles, snow melting ice, and strive to resume traffic as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: