Jia Ming virB ultra 30 a camera with excellent mechanical image stabilization system (video) ssdao

Derek Virb Ultra 30: the movement of the camera has excellent mechanical image stabilization system The Verge Chinese station reported on September 1st kaimy on Virb motion camera was completely redesigned, the new aircraft was born called Virb Ultra 30. The product is equipped with a lot of rare and even unique features in the Sports Camera category, such as 3 axis optical image stabilization system, voice control, and some real-time streaming features. In addition, it also supports 4K UHD video shooting. Virb Ultra 30 on the official website of Jia Ming is priced at $499 (about 3332 yuan). Derek Virb Ultra 30 camera motion as in navigation technology in the field of rival TomTom, Derek in recent years is also trying to expand into other areas, such as fitness trackers and camera motion. However, for camera products, Jia Ming is not a household name brand. Virb’s first generation products were launched in early 2015, with a foothold in the competition with GoPro and SONY. In fact, GoPro since the fall of 2014 has not been launched flagship camera products, and SONY’s 4K motion camera is hardly an excellent product. For some of the outstanding features of the previous generation of products, Jia Ming has been reserved, such as superimposed on the video display speed or elevation data. The biggest change from the new 3 axis image stabilization system. Different from the digital image stabilization system of SONY camera, Virb provides mechanical image stabilization system, compensation through the vibration of various parts moving inside the fuselage, bring exceptional results for users in the final imaging. Watch the wonderful moments of the video when the screen is full of all kinds of shaking, nothing worse than this. Virb Ultra 30 provides this mechanism in a variety of shooting modes, including slow motion, 4K and traditional 1080p. Turn on this feature to speed up power consumption. In general, the life time of the camera is about 2 hours, and after the opening of the function, life is shortened to 1 hours. However, in this feature, users can safely hand-held camera free to record a variety of scenarios, there is no need to worry about the video shake, which is for other sports camera is basically not possible. For machinery, tolerance will naturally exist, this is not exceptional for mechanical stability system. If the camera shake too much, then even if the video stabilized, there will be some degree of "jelly" effect. However, if the camera body can remain relatively stable, such as the user to install it in a certain place, then the system to improve the stability of the video is quite obvious. A new addition to the new feature is voice control. There are rumors that GoPro Hero 5 will be equipped with this feature, but Jia Ming’s products have now been achieved. This function must be used when the camera is in the open state, but supports remote use. The user says "okay Garm"相关的主题文章: