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IPhone automatic shutdown tracking: Apple Corp has not yet announced the solution data figure: Beijing time on September 10, 2015, Apple released iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Beijing, Beijing, November (Zhong Qing) on the recent frequent iPhone users on the network to reflect their phone power as well as 20% to 50% will automatically shut down. Apple Corp customer service staff in the Beijing News reporter, said recently received a lot of users for the mobile phone automatically reflect the situation. But Apple Corp has not yet announced solutions. Wang Yanhui, Secretary General of the China Mobile Alliance, said the official did not give the reasons for the Apple Corp to give a solution, it may not be accurate to find the root cause of the problem. Users reflect a large area of iPhone automatic shut off the electricity quickly recently, media reports said, many users reflect the presence of iPhone 6S power display frequently automatic shutdown. A large area of automatic shutdown occurs mainly in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus phone. Today, some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users have a similar situation. There are 40% of the electricity, there is no sign of automatic shutdown." China to reflect the network, within a week, her iPhone 6 has been the case for the two time, but not automatically shut down recently, but the power is still very fast, can be dropped from just a few to only 4%. Recently, a large number of users are reflected in this issue. Micro-blog users @ @ million wooden _ sails said, "sometimes take pictures of more than ten percent of the electricity is shut down, charging can be opened, but also display the original power, like being activated as." Data figure progress — the Apple Corp has not given solutions to customer service that require specific analysis as of press time, the Apple Corp has not yet announced the solution to the above problems reflected the apple mobile phone users. Wang Yanhui said that the official Apple Corp did not give the reasons for the solution, may not be accurate to find the root cause of the problem. Apple Corp customer service, said the phone automatically shut down the situation according to the usage of each person, the specific situation is different, and the use of mobile phone temperature, operating habits, battery life, etc.. "The longer the use of mobile phones, with the loss of bad habits and the battery capacity will become smaller and smaller." Customer service staff said, often with non original charger, mobile charging treasure to mobile phone charging, or charging frequently during the call, play mobile phone…… Damage to the battery, affect its stability and service life. Data chart because the system did not upgrade? Wang Yanhui believes that the probability of a larger software system problems, such problems have been listed on the phone for more than a year, and the hardware may not be related. Some netizens believe that may be because some users did not upgrade to the latest version of the system caused by. Found on the network, some users reflect, even if the upgrade to the latest iOS 10.1.1, the problem is still not resolved. User 77Cr)相关的主题文章: