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Business Investment homes are a great way of gaining extra in.e or paying off the mortgage on the home. However it isn’t always plain sailing as they also involve different problems. One of them is damage done by unruly and irresponsible tenants, and another is the damage caused by weather events. Natural disasters that have caused extreme damage have been frequent items in the news lately. They appear anything but natural because of their severity. Earthquakes, cyclones, and unprecedented rainfall and raging bushfire have all taken their toll on humanity. Thankfully for investors they not only have insurance to claim on, but are backed by tax benefits as well. These weather phenomenona leave a trail of destruction, damage, deaths and broken hearts behind them. Tons of rubbish has to be cleared away, streets and businesses cleaned and often rebuilt. Many homes have been .pletely demolished by recent earthquakes, cyclones or tornadoes and sadly many have had no insurance cover. In recent floods white goods and furniture have been washed out of the house and end up ruined miles away. This has caused financial worry for so many businesses, homeowners and investment homeowners as well. Unless investment homeowners have used property management, they will have to arrange cleaning and repairs personally. A vital property management measure is to always ensure the rental premises are insured, as all private homes should be. This way it is easier to have repairs made to the home and to replace any damaged furnishings and white goods. In the case of flooding any electrical items such as stoves will need replacing for safety. Of course for the investor there are added benefits through taxation as the home is a business venture. Where the damage includes the structure and the fixtures in the home this tax deductible. Fixtures are items such as carpet, hot water systems, stoves and also blinds. If there is no insurance on the property, the damage value can be written off through tax immediately and claims for depreciation of the replaced items can begin. Quite often the amount of money that can immediately be claimed and written off is quite substantial. This gives the home investor a valuable boost in taxation benefits. Where property is uninsured immediate write offs can be made for any structural damage. If however the premise is insured, this must be taken into account when thinking of making a further claim on taxation. The claim will depend on the insurance settlement as to whether any residual value is left in order to claim further tax benefits. Natural disasters being more frequent nowadays, this is all good news to investment homeowners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: