Investment and consumption in industrial production are now warm forecast in September three spyair

Investment and consumption in industrial production are now warm   forecast in September three major economic data – Xinjiang channel — investment and consumption of industrial production are now warm institutions predict September three economic data "Economic Reference News" reporter integrated multi Agency forecast, September macroeconomic performance remained stable overall, investment, consumption, industrial production three big data is expected to rise slightly. Lian Ping, chief economist at Bank of Communications said it expects September fixed asset investment growth of 8.2%, slightly higher than last month. Consumption, comprehensive judgment, in September the total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by about 10.8%, slightly higher than in August. While industrial production, industrial added value is expected to grow by 6.5% in September, compared with last month has accelerated, consumer goods manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, high-tech manufacturing growth. Xie Yaxuan, chief macroeconomic analyst at China Merchants Securities, said that in September, the biggest change in the real economy data may be expected to rebound in investment growth is slightly. PPP is a project operating rate is expected to enter the peak period, the two is the real estate sales and scale land transactions in the three quarter of the overall remained stable, help to alleviate the short-term real estate investment is slowing down three of the profits of industrial enterprises continued to rise on manufacturing investment rebound will also help. On the other hand, the high frequency data still show industrial production will remain stable, although the end of the summer have a certain impact on the public utilities production, but the traditional export season on manufacturing boost can hedge the impact. Fixed asset investment growth is expected to rise slightly to 8.2% in September. Consumption growth remained stable, is expected to be 10.5%. Industrial added value grew by 6.3%. Some experts are not optimistic about the September economic data forecast. Haitong Securities Research Institute chief macroeconomic analyst Jiang Chao believes that due to capacity on manufacturing investment, purchase and new construction slump dragged down real estate investment, fiscal stimulus to overdraft future infrastructure investment pressure, investment growth will fall to 7.2% or September. September coal consumption growth rate fell slightly, industrial growth will fall to 6.2%. In addition, the August consumption growth rebounded slightly, mainly due to the higher proportion, accounting for oil higher than the highest growth rate of positive growth rate of car. But at the end of August car sales growth has declined, car sales continued high Holdings Limited, while oil prices limited upside in the short term, the future short-term consumption or a limited space to improve. Forecast retail growth in September fell to 10.4%. For the future trend of macroeconomic operation, the Bank of China International Finance Research Institute of China’s economic and Financial Research Group believes that the future growth rate of investment is expected to stabilize. The rapid growth of new projects, the formation of a strong rebound in investment stabilization. PPP project floor rate increased to promote the rapid growth of infrastructure and related investments. Due to the growth rate of industrial enterprises has turned negative positive, the loss of nearly 3 months, the number of households decreased significantly over last year, in addition to inventory, to speed up the process of production capacity, is expected to invest power and willingness to gradually recover. In addition, consumer confidence is expected to improve, coupled with the continued growth in consumer spending is expected to continue to grow, consumption will also maintain steady growth. Work)相关的主题文章: