Inventory of the highest salaries of alumni and universities in the United States vy canis majoris

Pay the highest inventory of Payscale America Alumni college and professional American’s most authoritative salary survey website published a new report on the salary of 2016-2017, according to the website of the tens of thousands of school alumni to fill in personal information questionnaire and the salary level, Payscale summed up the highest paid professional schools, as well as the highest paid professional school rankings. The highest level of undergraduate school salary salary level of undergraduate school TOP30: the highest in addition to several military academies, the rest of the school most are offering STEM a high percentage of professional science and engineering school, especially professional STEM accounted for 91% of the Harvey Mudd College undergraduates, the average salary level ranked third, far more than the old school at Harvard, Brown. But did not have any STEM professional Babson College, the average salary level ranked by virtue of its strong business school graduates to 11. The highest level of school graduate salary TOP30: postgraduate business and law research in the United States is the most profitable industry, every business school, law school, excellent school naturally ranking, especially from mid occupation wages, business and legal professional more staying power, rising wages, a large space. Undergraduate professional TOP30: from undergraduate professional salary salary level, salary level before the 30 highest professional by engineering, computer professional occupation, no one on the list of liberal arts majors. Graduate students paid professional TOP30: graduate, master of nursing anesthesiology occupy the salary ranking first, followed by business and engineering PhD MBA.相关的主题文章: