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Interview with rich capital Yang Shoubin: cross-border investment philosophy of the old gun – Sohu technology investor card, rich capital founding partner, Yang Shoubin. Dark horse investment college dean, vice president of the dark horse, led by the Chinese investors will invest in the center and chairman of the board of directors, the Chinese youth Angel secretary general and executive director. Finance and venture capital circles well-known host, presided over multi venture capital TV show. Good at brand building and platform to create a deep insight into consumer upgrades. Rich capital Yang Shoubin likes to use the word "spice investors" to describe their own. "Fun" refers to: love, fun, useful, and goods. This is a cross and the contrast is very big man, he is the first one investor, is also a charismatic venture circle or a famous host, and conquer the polar air traveler. Holding the curiosity and respect for such an old gun across the border, ultrasound in Beijing for an exclusive interview with him. 1, which areas of concern? At present, the main investment in four directions: the Internet based consumer, pan entertainment, financial innovation, as well as the Internet industry. The first big consumer based on the Internet, that is, consumer upgrades. Second pan entertainment is mainly the game, the third major financial innovation refers to the Internet banking, the Internet is the fourth industry in the field of severe vertical B2B. 2, how to look at the success or failure of the business? Entrepreneurship has four lines, do a good job in the spring, is not good to do in winter. The first product user data line. You are what you are, what your user growth, retained in the end how users contribute your value in the end how, that is to say how you really are and do business, this is the first factor to success. The second is the PR line. Mobile Internet era, entrepreneurs should know how to do PR. The market cycle is too short to allow more users to see you, know you, use you. Investors can not be concerned about you, become the industry’s spokesmen and the right to speak of the company, this is too critical, the rapid death. The third is financing line. Entrepreneurs in the past to spend a lot of experience in financing, because of financing difficulties, financing cycle is long, financing is not easy. Now suddenly the sky floated five words "money is not a thing, so the financing capacity has become one of the core competitiveness, in the past year and a half to two years into a capital, is now thawing once every three months, the success of the company to the unicorn basically three months into a capital, so financing ability has become one of the core competitiveness. The fourth is the partner line. Today has been a solo era, "dark and slippery road, complex society, need to make the world a partnership." Millet 11 partners to make the world, so be sure to look to your faith convergence, complementary capabilities, good rules, tolerance and patience, good profit partner." If the four lines are done in the spring, do not be KO, that is the winter. Capital winter and capital spring, in fact, is to see entrepreneurs themselves to respond to climate change. This is the day when you feel the cold, or your ability to resist the cold.相关的主题文章: