International Classical Ballet roots appeared in Taiyuan – dance week Beijing borderland

International Classical Ballet "roots" appeared in Taiyuan – dance week Taiyuan Beijing Dance Troupe actor for the media scene presented a fragment of the ballet "the word" Qiu yan. Hu Jian photo Beijing, September 28 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Hu Jian) world-famous ballet "Qiu Yan poetry" and "Avalokitesvara" as the "World Classic Ballet legend" dance performances of the main members of the week, after a month of roots, as the hometown of Taiyuan old father with internationalization the ballet works. Taiyuan City Youth Palace Performing Arts Center held a media 28 meeting, Taiyuan dance actor for the media scene presented a fragment of the ballet "the word" Qiu yan. It is reported that the performance of the week by the Taiyuan dance repertoire appeared, including large-scale ballet "art master Zhang Jigang took 7 years to create the Avalokitesvara", as well as the royal opera director Duncan? Macfarlane’s creation of modern dance "Qiu Yan word". The ballet "Qiu Yan word" is based on the famous poet Yuan Haowen "fish? Qiu Yan word" for the creation of the foundation, director of the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center of domestic famous writer Mr. Yu Rongjun five drafts, the Royal Opera House the famous director Duncan? A modern ballet Macfarlane brought many famous European artists and Taiyuan dance together to create. Yuan Haowen’s "fish? Qiu Yan word" with a "ask the world, what is love? Direct teaching shengsixiangxu." Spread so far. But the ballet "Qiu Yan word" on the basis of this, the eternal theme of love, the heroine of the male and female double Yan loyalty grief at separation and joy in union love two line, tells the story of a love story capable of evoking praises and tears. The drama director is from the Royal Opera House Duncan Macfarlane?. He worked in Italy, Teatro alla Scala, Turin opera house and other world-famous theaters. This is he after the National Grand Theater, Guangzhou Grand Theatre, in China’s third ballet. Macfarlane said: "I hope to break the barriers of traditional Chinese and Western culture, to the Western way of expression, a Chinese story. Let more Western audiences can understand China through this ballet, understand the culture and thought of the China." In addition, the drama on the stage presentation, but also different from the traditional ballet. The projection design team is from the European top visual design team MRBEAM studio. Through the holographic projection technology of the latest pure hand painting a picture projected onto the screen to show the art of stage design points. This is the world’s only part of the use of pure hand painting, to show the stage to express in the drama of the miles stratus, Qianshan twilight snow. While large-scale ballet director Zhang Jigang "which lasted for seven years of painstaking creation Avalokitesvara" also once again return to the hometown, hometown people accept the review, the play is at present, many dance drama created by Mr. Zhang Jigang, the longest, the biggest effort, is one of the most popular ballet. Since the play surrendered, repeatedly invited to perform overseas. Since 2011, the tour has been spread throughout Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries and regions. 2016 dance "Avalokitesvara" has been strongly supported by the national endowment for the arts Chinese Ministry of culture on tour held in Malaysia)相关的主题文章: