In Toronto, Zhang Ziyi said the truth of these people moving jinshen

In Toronto, Zhang Ziyi said the truth of these people moving when [Abstract] "the movie for the first time, every day I was trembling. Take "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", no nail wound, I put my finger to the snow, continue to shoot." Tencent (easy style entertainment Zhuangao) Toronto local time on the evening of September 15th, Zhang Ziyi as the Toronto Film Festival "face to face" interview unit guest appearances. In more than an hour’s time, she and the host reviewed his career in the big screen, as well as cooperation with different directors of the past. In talking about "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" filming process, because she had not reached Ang Lee’s request, and work harder in the studio. Many years later, she was talking about when this experience still once choked. She also commented on her cooperation with Wong Kar Wai: "for me he is a real master. He helped me improve my acting, give me a stage, let me open my heart." "Face to face" is an official event at the Toronto International Film Festival, which aims to invite outstanding people in the global film industry to share their insights and life stories. This year the guests in addition to Zhang Ziyi, and the French actress Isabel · Huppert, American actor Mark · Wahlberg, India film Karen Johar · etc.. "My father mother" in Zhang Ziyi on Zhang Yimou: first audition 5 hours late "this is my first film, that is I still don’t understand what the show is, all emotions, performance is naturally revealed. It’s the first time I’ve seen a camera, I’ve seen a script, and I remember I was shaking. I don’t know what to say when it comes to interview me. Everything is new to me. Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Yimou because of an ad, Zhang Yimou noticed me. When I first came to his office, he was gone. Because I was five hours late. I don’t know why they call me again. I went to see him second times, the first time I saw, I feel very good. I was happy every day, but the director wasn’t happy. Because at that time, I would not shoot a cry, tears for me is difficult. After a lot of drama, he said you were here alone. I said no, then I cried." "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" in Yu Jiaolong on Ang Lee: Ang Lee has not been recognized in such a hug "in the beginning, director Ang Lee chose someone else to play Yu Jiaolong. The first time he saw my picture, he gave up. Such as the two time, he said he would look at it. You said you had seen the girl two weeks ago. I went to see him, he gave me the test service, I have been tortured for several hours. Let me do some exercise. I saw a lot of girls in the audition. I haven’t practiced martial arts, it is winter, a studio in Beijing filming, Michelle Yeoh used heavy weapons, in the process of shooting, hit my thumb nail is gone. "I didn’t cry at that time, I put my finger in the snow, and I took it a few minutes later. The result was the same place, and I cried like a child. I said I was going to the hospital.相关的主题文章: