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"I am lucky" dialogue Kara Hui: Actress Award legendary life culture people.com.cn Click to enter the "literary youth" > > > [] she is the star youth in the generation of martial arts master Zhang Che, King Hu mouth "the most beautiful women play", Jin Yong, Cologne the love of "wild woman", Maggie Cheung Cherie Chung, in the eyes of the "warmth shijie"…… Kara Hui has 40 years, two times with the strength on award actress throne, in a career peak was in depression, the death of their loved ones, Dutch act bars, thanks to Xu Anhua, Jackie Chan and other friends to accompany with the 29 year fight against disease, return to the family, to revive the career, with her own words, "in this life is a play, I just play according to the law of its own, it becomes a legend……" The evening, Beijing at the end of August when the hot summer has faded restless, film, a film about Alzheimer’s and the elderly mother is strange tenants – "lucky" warmth is my release, good reputation in the audience spread like wildfire. Sincere and thick, full of human feelings as the film starring Kara Hui shows between the lines, (hereinafter referred to as ") lying sofa, with tears in her eyes, tells the story to her small, those were from his mother all the minor details…… Do I ask is "lucky" fee, regret "delay" mother laughing, elegant and generous, optimistic, Kara Hui dressed in black dress, after being 2.5 hours after she told the magazine interview, some brokers themselves tired after two hours late to catch a flight back to Hongkong, she said, this is a propaganda she left home for the longest time, "a little homesick". Five year old and unmarried, still living with his mother and sister. Every day dozens of years as one day, and the film is "lucky me" in Finland aunt also suffers from the disease the mother, she is the greatest care, "she now can not remember who I am, but every time I see I will be very happy, I think this is my blessing." Just as the clothes down, slowly uncover the decades dusty the heart of the mother’s feelings of guilt, she said, this is not her paycheck, best in the movie "the reason". "Before I had this illness, mother is a very gentle and very kind woman, what things are considered for their children and family, we are busy with their own work and life, forgot she was getting old, ill will……" A woman looked out the window bright green leaves, deep in thought, constantly stressed their own "delay" the best treatment of mother. 13 years ago, just from the bottom up our life, and funded by the help of friends, began filming various TV play small role in preparing for a comeback, and in this period, and their living downstairs mother began suffering from early Alzheimer’s disease, "one day, dozens of television, It is without rhyme or reason. call me on my dress. Once, I really like the movies, and she had a big quarrel, but had very regret, I don’t know how to solve, so can not stop to hide her, until she once injured was sent to the hospital, I didn’t know that she has been ill)相关的主题文章: