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UnCategorized More than ever before in the history of resume writing, there is an endless inventory of free resume templates on the Internet. These free resume samples are easily accessible, and can often be downloaded into a word processor. Job seekers at all career levels and industry sectors struggle to write their own resume. They might understand what they do, but they do not know how to sell their experience effectively on paper. The one thing that is often overlooked is the inclusion of interesting details. These value-added facts do not need to be presented in the form of dollar signs or percentages. They can be as simple as mentioning the specific names of programs and projects. The best place to start is to use a resume sample and a really good job posting. Some are too brief and vague. Other job ads are rich in content. In fact, they look like resumes. But, what you’ll notice is that there is nothing personalized about them. This is because there are no personalized details about how well the person performed their job or what they really know. That is the secret behind a strong resume, in addition to adding accomplishments. In addition to using a sample resume, having a list of action verbs to review is a smart thing to do. Using an example of a resume is very helpful, but it is not going to be an exact fit. The following illustrates before and after phrases from a medical billing resume sample: Instead of writing, "Managed a high volume of medical billing activities," Write, "Efficiently processed medical claims for major and private insurance carriers including HMO/PPO, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid/Medicare." Instead of writing, *Maintained an extensive knowledge of medical terminology," Write, "*Highly skilled with a demonstrated knowledge of medical terminology, ICD-9/CPT codes, No Fault, and Worker’s Compensation claims." When you consider all that you really do, your medical billing resume could read as follows: * Process in excess of 60 healthcare claims per day for ABC Administrators, a third-party administrator of health benefits, in areas of surgical, dental, mental health, and physical therapy cases. * Respond to inquiries from providers on a broad scope of coverage issues pertaining to eligibility, coordination and explanation of benefits, and payment schedules * Carefully research and review individual and group claims exercising a strong working knowledge of major medical plans and leading healthcare networks * Proficiently utilize OASIS and RIMS programs and collaborate with Claim Review Department to expedite the resolve of claim discrepancies and insufficient information. * As Professional Relations Representative, liaised between the main office and three regional locations to ensure the timely and accurate processing of insurance claims. * Trained and supervised personnel on accident insurance claim processing and approval procedures. Hopefully you can see how important adding specifics can really jazz up a resume in a factual way versus adding fluff and vague filler words. Keep the target job in mind and make an effort to dig a little deeper into what you do. A good resume focuses on what the target position is about, includes an overview of the positions you have held, and separates your daily responsibilities from your accomplishments. It is well worded, visually appealing, consistent, and error free. The best way to start the process is to examine the requirements of a job posting and do a checklist. Ask yourself if you have those skills and jot down what they are. If you do not, skip over it. It is not enough that you can do it. A hiring company is looking for a candidate that has actually done it. Then use those notes when building your resume. Review several resume samples that match what you do. Then draw from them and incorporate your notes to personalize the resume and make it achievement focused. If you strugggle with the process, you should consider hiring a professional resume writing service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: