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Business Your past is the filing system for locating and reviewing the skills, gifts and talents you possess. The rest of it becomes the fuel you need to take you to your destiny. It serves as a map for the roads to avoid, and a lantern for the things to illuminate and welcome. But don’t LIVE from your past. Don’t serve the past. Instead, let your past serve you. Do I really have limitless possibilities? Heres a trick I was taught: Hold a mirror to your mouth. Did the mirrorfog? Okay — then you are an eternal being with no bounds. Yes! You have no limits or boundaries. Your true identity is eternal and possesses the power to do magnificent things. Our bodies should not be viewed as boundaries, but as transportation for the spirit. Would you say that you could never swim because you drive a car? No. Your car is just a form of transportation, just as your body is for the spirit. Because of your spiritual, eternal nature, you have the potential to create whatever kind of life you want. No boundaries, no limitations. What are 3 ways I can be fully present? Remaining fully present in your life is critical for achieving your vision. Here are three ways to do it… First, always have an expectation towards an outcome. Do not perform tasks without an expectation. When you wash the dishes, expect them to be clean. This may sound simple, but the principle is flawless. Working towards an expected outcome helps you to stay present by giving you something to focus on. Second, be focused. Bring your wandering mind back to the task at hand over and over again — whether you’re having a conversation, working on a business task, or enjoying time with loved ones. Third, meditate. The practice of meditation helps you train the mind and notice when you’ve wandered. The better you get at bringing yourself back to the present moment, the more engaged you’ll be in what’s before you. For more powerful insights on how a simple shift in your mindset can create staggering results in your business, download my FREE ebook, "7 Deadly Mindset Mistakesand How to Fix Them for Lasting Success in Business and Life" at About the Author: Odell Stunkard is an author, speaker and transformational teacher with over 30 years experience in service management. He has served as CAO, CFO, CEO and now co-owner of several businesses in his native Texas, where he currently resides, as well as Southeast Asia. Odell enjoys spending time hiking, traveling, reading as well as spending time with friends and family. His true passion is to teach about how to change ones story. His own story of overcoming abuse, manipulation, oppression, alcohol, drugs and poverty to stand in a place of joy, peace and prosperity is the passionate message he delivers to teach transformational life and business strategies. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: