Home improvement industry chaos, colorful change with a one-stop solution zngay

Home improvement industry chaos, colorful change with a one-stop solution? ?? The size of the domestic home market in 2015 reached 4 trillion, but the satisfactory evaluation is not satisfactory, the industry is more than chaos online, the online platform also involved many. In this context, ranked Tmall home improvement category TOP10 colorful change, but why can get almost full out of the score, and will join hands with Tmall home improvement, in its platform to open a new home channel? Colorful aimed at the home market and how to have a huge demand? Detailed introduction of this article. ?? The home of the "chaos" and the reputation of "difficult"?? the decoration is a troublesome thing, from the housing, housing design and material selection, purchase, construction…… The entire process if the user’s own operation, then need to communicate with countless people, consume a lot of time and energy, so in recent years, outsourcing has become the mainstream, especially after the Internet home improvement. But outsourcing is not easy. ?? The 1 line is "chaos"?? line natural needless to say, the home improvement industry chaos is how many years old, similar kickbacks, increase the unspoken rule, subcontract, consumers simply impossible to guard against Jerry, the price of water, and the half-way fare, the selected product is not clear, do not know the true and false brand construction in the process of no inspection, no guarantee of customer service…… More than 90% of consumers in the decoration are small users, the company can only say what decoration, once the contract is signed into a variety of passive. What about????? Online decoration platform is often a collection of a large number of decoration suppliers, seemingly a variety of low-cost packaging and service support behind the construction process can only look at the decoration of the people’s mood". This year exposed the two Internet scandal: a home in the area is a well-known home decoration platform for nearly a year are not completed, and rework after open floor, but have not found the cement solidification, the workers in private decoration scheme second is modified; a vertical Internet platform for Jiezhuang "motley crew" too much, the complaints have to limit and clean up close to 23 of the decoration company information release…… This is difficult?? 2 decoration?? Jiezhuang products consumption characteristics — off a single high, long cycle, home-based user expectations, it can be said that the three samples is not the same as can let consumers be assured of it, and a high vision can’t often concern. But as a service industry, especially the details of the service industry, the 99% good cover but construction out of the 1% questions, just like a small black spots on white paper, because the expectations are too high naturally to magnify, so also complain about this industry commonplace. Partial unfortunately, this industry also by word-of-mouth influence, according to a survey, 77.68% of users the choice of decoration companies will consider the recommendation of a friend in the home improvement industry reputation, the final single rate is more than 85%. Therefore, the industry is difficult to meet, difficult brand, difficult to promote, there is no standardized solution, will always be a big market, a small supply, can not afford unicorn. But in any case, the combination of online and offline Internet home improvement model, are bound to be a way out of the system of home improvement industry, and this process is indeed how to supply, personnel, services, standards, products.相关的主题文章: