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Hengda encounter the bottleneck itself or rising challenger has been catching up Hengda FA Cup on the evening of 27 the end of the FA Cup clash, is the 2016 year Chinese football finale. Guangzhou Heng laugh to the end, won the FA cup. So far, this year will Hengda Super Cup, Super League and the FA Cup three crown set in one, once again demonstrates its dominance in domestic football. However, look around, in 2016, Hengda advantage is not as obvious as before. Just the end of the FA Cup represents the super has such as Suning and Hengda par opponent. Hengda itself suffered ceiling? Yesterday, Hengda another boss Ma issued a message to the team. In the message, Ma also published on the Jinyuan football saying: "some people questioned, Hengda Taobao is money out of the heap. Yes, money is important. But if our money can stack a team spirit, a bunch of glory and dream, a bunch of overwhelming joy, making a real world team, so this is really the best money should go." Ma Yun does not understand football football boss, this statement is not without reason. Hengda from 2010 onwards was involved in football for 7 years, Hengda won a total of one of a champion, 6 consecutive Super League champions two times, AFC Champions League champion, two FA Cup and two super cups. Hengda’s extraordinary development, is indeed the result of the massive investment boss. But Hengda burn also "burn" really tough style Hengda football and domineering status. While Hengda football and the subsequent and strong contrast with the A new force suddenly rises., the perennial low-spirited Chinese football. Thus, Hengda football became a clean China football. For a long time, this "clean" has become the only source of happiness Chinese fans. However, Hengda has won too much glory, beyond all the previous domestic team, and then up, most likely to encounter the ceiling". More importantly, with more and more competitors to catch up, and more and more powerful, Hengda can maintain Yiqijuechen advantage is more marked with a big question mark. Not only a rival Suning in the past Hengda Honor Book, the most important is AFC Champions League, followed by the league, the FA Cup is placed at the end of the. This can be clearly reflected in the development of Hengda bonus plan for each season. But this year, the FA Cup champion, Hengda is extremely valued. The team won the FA Cup, the club announced a reward of 20 million yuan. Although in rhetoric, Hengda said this 20 million yuan reward is three Super Cup, Champions League and FA Cup this year won the hengda. But at the moment the football association cup to win this award, which means that the United States more than ever more attention to the AFC cup champion. Hengda so much attention this year, the FA Cup, the reason is not complicated. This year, Hengda in AFC Champions League arena team did not qualify, hit the worst performance since the events in AFC Champions League. Not only that, Shandong Luneng and Shanghai port in this year’s AFC Champions League group phase in the knockout stage, the AFC Champions League arena, this is the first time in the team over Hengda in scores on the precedent. This is bound to make Hengda feel very unhappy. According to.相关的主题文章: