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Harbin female driver BMW X6 night flying Infiniti (Figure) – Beijing northeast news network August 25th 23 about 22:30, Huashan Road, Nangang District of Harbin No. 5 in front of the road, a BMW X6 SUV parked a car Infiniti SUV hit a more than 10 meters, and hit the Infiniti on the sidewalk in a car, but fortunately no injuries. The 24 day at 30 pm, reporters rushed to the scene, saw a SUV parked diagonally in No. 5 Huashan Road, on the sidewalk in front of the front of the car, in a car on the left side of the door, the rear of the car was badly damaged, the left rear tire is knocked, basically scrapped. In front of about 50 meters in front of the Infiniti, a BMW X6 SUV parked in the middle of the road cross, right before the front right side of the body and serious depression, the right front wheel has been knocked out, the whole car airbag pops, broken windshield, near the ground littered with many auto parts. According to the Infiniti owners friends say, is the owner of this car Infiniti bought 6 years ago, then spent about 1500000. When the accident occurred, the owners will be parked on the roadside and Infiniti across the company to do things, about more than and 10 minutes, I heard outside "bang", found out the Infiniti knocked on the sidewalk. This car car probably hundreds of thousands of yuan, while BMW X6 damage is particularly serious, the car also was one hundred thousand. According to a brother witnessed the scene, the BMW X6 SUV driver is a young woman of more than and 20 years old, was in the Huashan road from south to North in the direction of travel. After the accident, the woman get off, look particularly ugly, Infiniti owner rushed to the scene, but the two sides did not alarm. Soon both sides of the family rushed to the scene to negotiate compensation. Vaguely heard the reporter at the scene, the BMW X6 driver relative to the compensation for the loss of 450 thousand yuan for the Infiniti, Infiniti owner but the family does not agree, then the two sides continue to negotiate the issue of compensation, until more than 1 in the morning did not discuss the good, when someone call alarm call, 3 o’clock in the morning, the police rushed to the scene investigation. At present, the specific cause of the accident is being investigated and dealt with the traffic police department. (Shi Tianyi)相关的主题文章: