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"Happy home games" speed UPS tournament brilliant burst table – Sohu   entertainment; "happy home games" Peace Corps Sohu of Tianjin satellite TV entertainment news recently, 2016 large outdoor checkpoints challenge program "happy amusement war" entered the "ultimate tournament" stage, will be held on September 23rd (Friday) welcomed the final match ups". Lasted three months, from all over the country in more than and 500 group of warriors family involved in the "happy home games this season" recording, the final 48 Group completed the first phase of the track clearance of the participating families advanced to the second stage speed tournament, and wins the match UPS, compete for the championship. The speed of the tournament brilliant burst table "happy amusement war" into the second phase speed tournament, pass through the track will be fully upgraded, the difficulty of system is also improved, the vitality of ANN and the host’s team led a group of confrontation, through take timing system, if the violation is increased to 10 seconds when checkpoints long, and the need for participating families together to complete a track, drowning is a challenge. The warrior family extreme championship "in the top eight will qualify for the final year" crown of kings ", the impact of the champion, won the annual award. In September 23rd September 23rd, UPS (this Friday) finalist of the family are family members or customs strength strong, collaboration, swept the 7 levels, through public awareness of the refresh speed of the track. At the same time, due to the pursuit of speed the drowning accident also very complicated, brilliant. Will be for the audience to bring a very exciting visual feast. Speed and passion, do every night 18:00 Tianjin TV "happy home tour".相关的主题文章: