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Han Hua leasing three party with new energy vehicles leasing capital involving hundreds of millions of dollars – Beijing signing ceremony in October 9, recently, Han Chinese people leasing, international financial leasing Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "vote lease") and Beijing Tianma Tongchi Automobile Leasing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianma Tongchi" three party) in Beijing signed a business cooperation agreement, the parties will be based on the cooperation agreement on the launch of hundreds of millions of dollars of new energy bus leasing business. It is understood that this cooperation will be the Han Chinese people voted to lease and rental lease joint support Tongchi Tianma to purchase 400 new energy electric buses, some through leasing purchase of new energy buses have been put into the bus to run some of the world’s top 500 enterprises in the clean and efficient operation of the service by the enterprise the approval, Beijing has become the new energy bus utilization model project. As the largest private Beijing new energy automobile service providers, Tianma Tongchi worked for the Beijing Olympic Games, APEC, National Day parade and other large-scale activities provides a perfect transportation guarantee. At present, it mainly provides bus service for all kinds of enterprises, including the world’s top 500 enterprises. The addition of new energy buses and the replacement of the original gasoline and diesel passenger cars have become the strategic targets for their further development. As the roots of green leasing and financing leasing companies, leasing and leasing of Han Chinese people voted has the development of new energy industry financing lease business as its main business development direction, the establishment of a professional service team, a very fruitful results has been achieved in the new energy industry. The signing ceremony, vice president of SNG holdings, Han Hua lease President Wang Feng said that the Han Chinese leasing was first established the professional as a development strategy, and to determine the automobile, new energy, medical service as the company’s long-term business objectives, through cooperation, silver investment rent rent rent linkage, combined with diversified products to meet different customers demand. At present, the company has made a breakthrough in the field of taxis, intercity logistics vehicles, new energy buses and other fields. "We are optimistic about the investment opportunities in the new energy industry, we hope that through our high-quality financial services for the field of outstanding enterprises plug wings." The people voted to lease President Tang Min said, in the traditional financing lease and operating lease business on the basis of investment in China to actively explore investment and lease rent simultaneously to Toudai rent "and other new business models, and strive to achieve leapfrog development. Tianma Tongchi chairman Ji Kaiping said: "with the Han Chinese people voted leasing and leasing and financing services, we can keep up with the national industrial policy and market direction, lead to new energy business transformation, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, green travel, improve the customer experience. At the same time help us to improve cash flow and revitalize the stock of capital, reduce financial pressure." The new energy automotive industry has been included in the national strategic emerging industry, the increasingly serious energy and environmental issues, the unprecedented pressure of public opinion, vigorously develop energy-saving and new energy vehicles is an effective way to solve the environmental problems, is an irreversible trend in the future, but also is the effective measure to achieve the national ecological civilization construction. It is reported that the people voted to lease was founded in April 2015, is a public vote.相关的主题文章: