Hair oil is also a lot of hair loss is actually a lot of things to eat (video)

Hair oil but also a lot of hair loss is to eat the recommended Video: doctor said: to the original title: hair loss, hair oil is also a lot of hair loss is to eat this…… World Health day". WHO will, "shiny hair, no dandruff" one standard for human health. However, many people suffer from various hair problems. Four factors, then what are the factors that lead to our scalp health problems become more serious? Two experts believe that diet, mental, bad habits and genetic is the main cause of the top 4. The first to talk about eating, Tao Chengjun said, when he first started 30 years ago, did not see the oil head so much, but now you cried one day do not wash your hair is not oil people everywhere, and the cause of such a huge change is the diet, mainly from the original quality, up to now high fat, high protein diet, excessive intake of fats, even scalp oil thrown. Come to talk about the mental factors, accelerate the pace of modern life, psychological pressure, mental tension, so the body internal environment change, will affect oil production, the show is a lot of grease on the scalp. There is the bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, not clean hair and scalp, causing reduced immunity, so fungi (Malassezia) to the scalp or an easy job to do, make you feel itchy. Reporters at the Tao Chengjun clinic met a more than and 40 year old middle-aged women, she lived alone in a few years ago after the divorce, I opened a Taobao shop to do business, the results of recent years business is deteriorating, until recently completely operating down, her emotional collapse often can not sleep at night to sleep. Don’t know what to say is bad advice, eat more sweets can make a good mood, she every day to eat, what not to help the mood, it is strange to find his hair become greasy, excessive dandruff, scalp itching, hair loss a lot, the original one week wash two times the head looked cool. Now the hair, wash every other day with the same pie. She remain perplexed despite much thought, until Tao Chengjun help her analysis to see light suddenly lack of sleep, eat sweets, mental stress will induce a series of scalp health problems. In fact, the patient’s experience is just a microcosm of many patients with scalp health problems, do not believe you one by one, but also to find a similar problem. So what’s the problem? Teach you a way: emergency science shampoo. The first is the choice of shampoo, if only out of oil and dandruff, choose a regular manufacturers of shampoo can be. If accompanied by itching, is likely to be fungi at work, then their eyes to check ingredients, containing miconazole shampoo, can effectively inhibit short fungi, let you in one or two days of scalp itching, ease if it does not, the hospital doctor proposal as soon as possible. The second is shampoo frequency, this problem has been controversial in the academic circle, most doctors think the next day wash well, but the director Tao believes that if the hair is too oil, still have to adhere to wash your hair every day, because of the long-term oil deposition will affect the health of hair follicles, causing hair loss problems. Prevent)相关的主题文章: