Guangzhou South Railway Station National Day holiday will be the largest since the opening of the pa pigeon blood

Guangzhou South Railway Station will welcome the opening of the National Day holiday zhongxinwangzhongxinwang largest passenger – September 28 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Guo Jun) reporter 28 from Guangzhou train station was informed that this year’s "eleven" holiday during transport, the station will meet the maximum passenger traffic since September 28th to October 7th is expected 10 days to send passengers 1 million 750 thousand passengers, daily send 175 thousand passengers, an increase of 4%, refresh the historical record. The peak passenger flow time for the evening of September 30th to October 1st. According to Liu Hui, deputy director of the Guangzhou South Railway Station, in order to cope with the peak passenger flow during the National Day holiday arrangements Guangzhou South Railway Station daily train more than and 600 times. "The station during the festival will analyze the daily passenger traffic in peak passenger transport capacity is tight, the timely application of peak vehicle spare line, high-speed rail to open EMU, meet passenger travel." From the station ticket, the Beijing Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Guangzhou direction tickets more than a small number of votes, the Guangzhou Zhuhai direction ticket is more adequate. As at 27 on the day of 18, the station’s National Day holiday Internet booking tickets, tickets have been taken more than 50 thousand. In addition, from September 28th to October 7th, Guangzhou Railway Station is expected to send the number of passengers up to 1 million 3 thousand people. October 1st will usher in the peak passenger traffic, is expected to send 155 thousand people. In order to cope with the holiday passenger peak, Guangzhou Railway Station began in September 30th with 10 times linke. In order to ensure passenger safety by lowering the overall optimization of the passenger flow of Guangzhou South Railway Station, the key parts of posts, people divert, to ensure passenger drop in good order; in place with dense traffic and personnel strength, arrangement of protective facilities, to prevent passengers stampede; strengthen and train information exchange and cooperation, jointly focus on train ride down organization of work. (end)相关的主题文章: