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Group of renters to stop the fire with a single apartment formaldehyde 6 times more difficult to return to rent rights – in order to reduce the cost of the new network, it is difficult to achieve a single apartment renovation. The original Fasthotel is an apartment. Every summer, with a large number of graduates out of the campus, will set off a hot rental. Beijing morning news reporter recently visited the market found in the "strike hard", the group renting has no advantage, long rent single apartment online is quite sought after, the rental websites are almost "top brand apartment" swept. Is operating the housing tenant almost full, resulting in a lot of business long rent apartment enterprises around houses — in order to receive as soon as possible into the market, basically is the edge decoration edge in the Internet for decoration pollution complaints also emerge in an endless stream. In addition, many tenants reflect long rent apartments poor service, high fees, some people rent was soon shouted fooled". Apartment tenants formaldehyde exceed the standard 6 times this year just graduated from school Chen found a job in a company in Beijing, to rent a single apartment through the website. The two sides agreed to sign the lease contract, the monthly rent of 2300 yuan, a term of 1 years, a charge to pay three. "The house is just renovated soon, an area of 20 square meters, furniture, beds, tables and wardrobes, as well as an open kitchen, the environment is not bad, so I took a look at the". After half a month, Chen began to feel wrong, although the house is beautiful and clean, but the smell of formaldehyde decoration left particularly. They often feel dizziness, vomiting, stay in the room and soon became "hot eyes", was also respiratory discomfort, chest tightness, fatigue often. "I’ve never had this disease before, so I was wondering if there was something wrong with the house". Little Chen Zhaolai formaldehyde self testing instrument, to the house to rent on a detection found that the formaldehyde concentration up to 0.7 mg of cubic meters, exceeding the national safety standard of 0.1 mg m3 more than 6 times. Intermediary in the housing has not yet been ventilated, they began to accept tenants to make money early". Chen immediately raised the surrender request to the website, but refused to return all the deposit, and that he has been in the know that this is just finished new house. Visit to quickly fill the tenants decoration Beijing morning news reporter learned that, at present, Beijing long rent apartment houses housing enterprise competition has intensified, almost to the point of "cost"; in order to maximize profits, many houses in the decoration has been attracting tenants. Recently, the Beijing morning news reporter visited several apartment projects. In Tongzhou Beiyuan Music City youth community, here has just completed the renovation, the property is still the finishing touches, the house is rented out, the reporter visited only two rooms, one room window is a wall, the rent is 2300 yuan; another room is out of the window without shelter, tenant sublet, rent 2500 yuan. The reporter showings, the property is still to wipe the door to write the "demolition", the staff, wrote "demolition" of the house is a renovation. And in the next happy youth apartment, another apartment project in the decoration, the reporter can see photo showings相关的主题文章: