Good woman to eat dinner Roasted Whole Lamb was made into a big fat bestie ca1834

Good woman to eat dinner Roasted Whole Lamb was bestie a "fat" on the photo ran honey than I am fat a lot of illness early last night, please eat more Ms. Jean bestie Roasted Whole Lamb. When having a meal, a bestie snapping a few photos of Miss Zhang ran to the group of friends, Ms. ran found himself was made into a big fat man, this friend can do? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in North Road, star Yue Hui met Ms. ran. 1 meters tall 67 10cm she was wearing high-heeled shoes, compared with dinner photo, is really different. Ms. Ran Ran Ran, 26 years old, recently made a small operation, at home to rest for more than half a month. When she was thin, only 96 pounds, recently, a long time to grow up to 10 pounds of meat, but there is no picture so fat. Ms. ran told reporters that night we eat very happy, after coming home, a group of friends are still talking in the WeChat group. Chatting, bestie flower suddenly passed Zhang Ran honey Roasted Whole Lamb the photos in the group, the flower also very happy to say, Jean Michang fat. The picture looks like 150 pounds, followed by the group opened the pot, the circle of friends is also an instant there are dozens of messages, a friend said it was not deliberately put you P fat. The reporter then added a flower WeChat, she told reporters, was so fat and not their intention, there are two reasons, one is his photography was not good, two mobile phone is aging, pixel is not too high. The flower also explained that it was pleased to drink he took a few bestie, did not want to become the "black history", like Jean honey don’t take it personally! Photographer Zhang Yan weapon (global trip shoot timberword photography director): if you want to take the photos and almost normal, should first choose fixed lens 50mm or 85mm mobile phone, it should be noted that when the shooting angle, from the bottom to the film will appear high, well proportioned, but Chin Yang shot must be low this point is not fat face. For the face fat people, shooting should take 3/4 face or side, long hair girls can block a face with hair, so that the face will appear thin. Chief correspondent   Liu Pengfei   photo coverage相关的主题文章: