Girl Kesha, only to return money to rock and soul, brave to do their own! (video) meyou

Qian Niu KESHA, only for the return of rock and soul, brave to do their own! [Abstract] in April of this year, a "True Colors", which was CO produced by Zedd, was put back into the public view by the disappearance of Kesha for three years. Everyone says Kesha is fanally FREE! A new money girl is coming back! Super nice and God Kesha the latest entertainment news and live version of Tencent new days, fashion – money girl articles magic electro rock struck madness, October 4th in Shanghai, the charm of party! In April this year, a joint production of Zedd and singing True Colors, the disappearance of three years of Kesha back to the public eye. Everyone says Kesha is fanally FREE! A new money girl is coming back! It is reported that the last time the tour was three years ago. In the entertainment information rapid change, a few days do not appear singer might drop thousands of powder era, Qian Niu is still with its unique charm has been a rock music to conquer the loyal fans to Chinese show a message, the network quickly shouted a. As the saying goes, if you are in full bloom, breeze. What is the charm of a singer, except for the song, there are other reasons. For Qian Niu, the conquest of the majority of the fans in addition to the enchanted beautiful style and fashion style, solid content charm can not be ignored. NO.1: a talented songwriter creation inspiration sway dance music charm interpretation of life in most people’s eyes know money girl, Kesha is a funny wild party girl. But many people do not know is that she is also a songwriter. Qian Niu, who led the album "Amimal" for six years, wrote about more than and 200 songs. When her first single, "Tik Tok global brainwashing Divine Comedy" was released in 2009, the whole world is mad! At this time, the whole world knows the original song slobber also can be "read" to sing, girl crazy money jumping around music with a little out of the ordinary but kitsch small fresh, bring a different kind of rock flavor to this world. Out of the ordinary style must contain numerous thoughts for creation of night, stage shows not only the passion tidal range of children, it is behind accumulate talent for music! Love rock, love crazy girl, love the money into a low-key luxury and musical talent! NO.2 attitude — do not imitate, not only to follow, rock and soul girl who has the money out of the ordinary enthusiasm and vitality, the external appearance is a bit like early Madonna and street grease wind, avant-garde fashion, full of personality. She has a cynical attitude, personal independence of conduct, but not blindly follow the trend to sexy and charm to cater to the audience, but in a unique style, not cold cut shows. In the world of rock and roll, the money girl does not imitate, does not track, sends out the vigor in the electric sound rock, the warm dance music releases the freedom. In the song, the integration of a variety of electronic music sound effect, full of wild passion magic charm, to create a strong visual sense. Shake with passion:相关的主题文章: