Get Repeat Visitors To Your Home

Web-Design The home page is the first page most visitors see when they visit your website. Therefore, the structure and information presented on the first page are key to whether the visitor continues to view your site or leaves and goes elsewhere. If your presentation is not professional and eye-catching with fresh, .pelling and interesting content your potential customer will be history. When you view the home page of a website, it is usually designed a little differently than the rest of the pages. It usually has a bigger more decorative banner and a smaller space for text. The navigation buttons may be setup differently or more graphic. .mon elements on the home page would be: 1.A Wel.e- a simple statement visitors to your business website is usually customary. You should include an image with this text. 2.Navigation buttons These buttons should link to other main pages on your business website. Other links to any interesting elements on your page such as a blog or any interactive elements should be on the home page as well. 3.Business Overview – A brief overview or description of the business and its products is usually found on this page as well. 4.Showcase your business achievements or successes. News and Events should be on your home page. 5.Display your credentials, memberships to any trade organizations. Especially emblems that symbolize protection/security for your client like BBB, SSL, or BuySafe. Although these will be standard features on your webpage, one of the main focuses of the home page is to showcase the life of your business. By this I mean you want to give the potential customer or client the impression that your business is the place to be because everyone else seems to be there too. This is portrayed by putting elements that change often like News and Events or Recent Articles (relevant to your business). This is the webpage that will require updating on regular intervals (maybe daily, weekly or monthly). Why make an investment in your business and desert it or let it sit stagnant? This activity on the home page also brings repeat visitors; they want to stay abreast of whats going on with your .pany. Most importantly, your potential customer should clearly be able to get to any information on your website with one click. What information you have to offer should be apparent to them on the home page. Getting to needed information should not be a guessing game. About the Author: Camille Dykes, MBA is Chief Consultant and Designer for Dykes"’ Webshop. She has over ten years"’ experience in web design and business development. Ms. Dykes seeks to give her clients quality websites that attract new customers. Make your website attract more customers with great web design! Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: