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We all want to protect our grass from being spoiled. The easiest way to do this is to create a stepping stone walkway. A stepping stone walkway in the garden gives a natural and beautiful feel and makes your garden stand out. Decorating your garden with the stepping stones is like adding beauty in your garden. Modus operandi Creating a stepping stone walkway can be a tricky business if not done in the proper manner. In order to create a stepping stone walkway you have to follow a set of instructions that are discussed below. Mark the area Marking the area is the first step which you need to perform while creating the stepping stone walkway. Mark the area in a curved or straight manner with the help of ropes. You can also mark the area with the help of limestone powder. Arranging the stones Once you have marked your area, you can begin placing the stones one after another in it. Ensuring the right placing Arranging the stones and making sure they are at the right place is of much importance as well. While laying the stones make sure that you have placed the stones properly and not in an imbalanced manner. For your convenience you may take the help of a spade. Remove the stones After arranging the stones, let the stones to be there for few minutes, mark the area that they cover and then remove the stones from the marked area. Dig the outlined area which is created by stone so that the stones can be fixed properly. Pouring sand Dig the outlined area and remove the grass. Once you have removed the grass .pletely pour an inch of sand so that you can lay the stones flat. Rearrange the stones Once you have poured sand in the marked out and dug area, place the stones again in their place. Balancing the stone Place the stones in the area and check their balance properly. An imbalanced stone could be dangerous for anybody at any time. Tamp the level Fill up the soil in the ground where you have placed the stones. Tamping gives a better balance to the stones. Adjusting the height While leveling the area make sure that you have given the same height to all the stones. In order to give a proper height to the stones you can the take the help of a board. Readjusting the height If you are feeling un.fortable while walking on the stepping stone walkway you may readjust the height of steeping stone walkway. In this way you can have your own stepping stone walkway by following these simple steps. You will see how much your garden is appreciated by just few simple stones which add a new light to your garden or lawn. So go ahead and create a natural and striking stepping stone walkway. Make Your Backyard Beautiful By: Jones Zeta – The exterior of a home determines the value and appeal of the property. Maintaining or repairing this exterior .es in different parts. 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