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Gansu Airlines plane crashed a general pull wing deformation blackened – Sohu military channel map information: aircraft when performing suddenly out of control and fall to the ground. JINGWAH Times News: yesterday morning, the first Silk Road (Zhangye) International General Aviation Conference in the process, a XA42 aircraft crashed during the stunt, 1 foreign pilots died after rescue. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Yesterday, in Gansu, Danxia general airport, the first Silk Road (Zhangye) International General Aviation Conference into the second day. At 10:47 a.m., during the flight, a XA42 plane crashed while performing stunts. The reporter saw from the video provided by witnesses, the aircraft at low altitude for a few stunts, syncline beneath the flight to a distance, suddenly fell to the ground shaking. After the plane crashed, the ground rises black smoke billowing from witnesses, the photos can be seen, the plane crash central fuselage damaged seriously, the wings on both sides of the blackened deformation. Zhangye Municipal Foreign Affairs Office said that a plane flight demonstration team America home crashed Shenyang Airlines flight culture media Limited invitation, falling to the airport outside the enclosure without the audience, causing no casualties on the ground. After the crash, the scene immediately launched emergency rescue plan, rescue workers rushed to the scene to rescue the first time. Pilot died after rescue. According to official reports, the death of the pilot for the United States flight home team Paul, South Africa, Smith. According to the international practice of navigation flight performance, the specific performance of the command by the foreign flight commander Richard command. The day of flight performance and other meteorological conditions in line with the requirements of flight performance, the flight is performed in accordance with the provisions of the project and the program, the provisions of the airspace within the scope of the normal aerobatic flight. It is understood that the first Silk Road (Zhangye) international general aviation convention opened on August 26th, CO sponsored by the Zhangye municipal government, Gansu province highway aviation tourism investment group, Chinese Flight Test Establishment, for a period of 3 days. In the meantime, 76 aircraft and 17 general aviation enterprises from China and the United States the static and dynamic performances show. At 2 pm yesterday, the organizing committee decided to continue the flight. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. > > link XA42 stunt aircraft public information display, XA42 stunt aircraft from Germany, known as the world’s most advanced, highest security stunt aircraft. XA42 stunt aircraft in the true height of 100 meters below the low altitude to make large spiral slope vertical roll, dive roll, death roll, half flip flip, level 8 characters, jumped several times roll spiral, level of high difficulty. Both positive and negative rotation, after which can easily accelerate to 322 kilometers per hour. Its top speed of nearly 400 kilometers, take-off speed of about 190 km. XA42 stunt aircraft structure is strong, through a complete crash test, and equipped with a complete seat belt, seat design, to ensure the safety of the driver’s life. The XA42 stunt plane is currently priced at about 3 million 500 thousand yuan, as the aircraft is pure hand-made, so the output.相关的主题文章: