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Fuzhou 36 54 road sections of water depth and strive to today all smooth waist yesterday, 54 waist, two passers-by wading through the white horse road, trees were uprooted by the typhoon yesterday, 54 Fuzhou road junction Hualin water seriously this version of the figure Chen Gongzhang Liu Shiquan Lei Hoi reporter Shi Lei Shi Jianhua Qiu Yexu Chen Chao Lin Dan Kong Yu Xu Feng Mao Chao Huang concerned about the reasons for Typhoon "catfish" strikes, because the instantaneous rainfall is too big, Fuzhou two road, 54 road loop Hua screen Industrial Exhibition Center, Jinxiu Fucheng, Train Station South Plaza and other places have become trapped, the city appeared a total of 36 sections of water, water in some places even once reached two meters, Fangyanwangqu points where is the river where the road. Fuzhou subway without any site or water flooded equipment. As of 18 pm yesterday, Fuzhou flood and 16, in addition, the city of about 8300 trees lodging, inclined or broken branches. Many parks, scenic spots are also damaged to varying degrees, will continue today closed garden. Yesterday is the 20 grab row sections of water the day before yesterday afternoon, affected by the typhoon, Fuzhou appear strong precipitation, caused a total of 36 urban main road of stagnant water. Fuzhou traffic police, the typhoon, and the city channel, cross roads and bridges remain open, in addition to water section, no congestion. As of 6 pm yesterday, after the rush row, there are still waterlogging at the point of 16. According to reports, the 36 sections of water, the traffic police department were temporary traffic control, in addition to the original car parked outside, not a lead vehicle because the water washed off. In August last year, the "SOUDELOR" during the typhoon, Fuzhou city thousands of vehicles flooded cars. According to reports, the typhoon, the city’s more than one thousand police all in readiness, work all through the night. 9 last night, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou city water supply and drainage management center, Jinan river water level has started to decline, they will fully mobilize the staff and water and other vehicles, and strive to early today before the peak, the city water section of the basic rule. Today cleared lodging trees yesterday 18, Fuzhou city to release information, the city (including Masson) a total of 5303 trees lodging, broken branches, inclined 2967 strains, the garden department all night patrol, and pruning, righting the trees, is now handling lodging trees 2878, broken branches, inclined 1700 trees. According to the plan, Fuzhou City Bureau of parks will be completed today to lodging trees basically disposal of urban main roads. In addition, the city’s highway tolls caused traffic blocked 35 173, bridge 1, has reopened 36. Minjiang Park, West Lake Park, park park scenic harbor light were damaged to varying degrees. Among them, the Fuzhou West Lake Park since 2013 suffered the largest flood, West Lake Park trails left the sea covered by the waters of lake and other attractions, boatrace appeared more than 60 cm of water. Jinan River Park is damaged, the whole garden is 200 acres flooded, along the cliff. In addition, the Qinting Lake Park water level rose 2.7 meters; the zoo park, local small area 2 landslides; Dongshan garden small area 1 landslides. Today, the urban park will follow.相关的主题文章: