From the last typhoon destroyed bridges from Taishun anti catfish prepared to meet the challenge

From the last typhoon destroyed bridges from Taishun against Taishun has prepared to meet the challenge "catfish" bridges the ancient 33, of which 15 bridges in 2008 was listed as a national key cultural relics protection units. In September 15th, by the strong typhoon "Meranti", Xue Zhaiqiao of Taishun, the heavy bridge and three Wen Xing national bridges were destroyed. At present, the size of the bridges destroyed component has collected more than 90%, the basic components have been found, September 21st, Taishun umayabashi post disaster restoration and protection project was officially launched (newspaper has reported continuous). No. 17 typhoon this year, "catfish" a step by step approach, the battered Taishun bridge in a typhoon, how to prevent? Evening news reporter learned that, from the beginning the evening of September 26th, the Taishun County Cultural Relics Bureau has organized relevant personnel, with sandbags, stone and steel cable on the bridges for emphasis and reinforcement, enhance the stability of the bridge. Sandbag Weight Tied cable reinforcement supporting these bridge were handed down from the older yesterday noon, rainfall in most areas of Taishun County, mountainous rain reached above average and instantaneous rainfall is bigger, and the wind increased, bridge protection has become more urgent. Taishun County Heritage Center Director Ji Haibo said, to protect their work from the battered, has almost become "bridge" and "the most beautiful sister bridge, North Bridge and Jian River Bridge East, thereafter, each of the ancient bridges, especially the protection of the 12 ancient bridges was listed as a national cultural relic protection unit. "We use the protection measures, the basic is the old way to stay local villagers." Ji Haibo said that this approach is the most simple and most practical. First of all, the staff at the pier on both sides and the position of each bridge deck, store dozens of sandbags, "the purpose of doing so is to increase the weight of the bridge itself, prevent floods washed away easily." In piled sandbags, the increase in the weight of each covered bridge itself from 30% to 50%, greatly improved the ability to fight against flood impact. The relevant personnel also support block on the deck below the reinforcement work carried by cable. The river has comprehensive dredging units on duty 24 hours Taishun County Bureau of cultural relics protection relevant responsible person said, from the last typhoon, they have carried out a comprehensive dredging work on the river, keep the river flow as much as possible. Yesterday afternoon, Taishun County press and Publication Bureau also issued a document specifically in this regard, relevant unit staff and village cadres and the masses to take the initiative to join the bridge protection work. "A few days ago, re-c wood working group on the Township before being washed away in the salvage operations." Taishun County Bureau of cultural relics, Zhou Xianjun said, from the beginning of September 26th in the afternoon, they have asked these people to suspend the salvage, focusing on inspection of the local security unit, a 24 – hour duty system. Related links and the last typhoon heavy rainfall area to prevent the disaster on disaster overlap "by the" catfish "influence, Wenzhou, Lishui, Taizhou night, Ningbo and other places have heavy rain, some heavy rain, local heavy rain. Sheng Fangzhi at 15:30 yesterday afternoon to flood prevention and emergency response promoted to grade III. Wenzhou has been upgraded to level II, Taizhou, Lishui IV. Special attention is needed, the heavy rainfall area of Typhoon "catfish" and the 14 typhoon "Meranti" overlap, especially.相关的主题文章: