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Currency-Trading A much heard term in foreign exchange trading nowadays is the Forex IB. The first question formed in the traders mind when he hears this for the first time is What does this term mean? Then another important thought arises – Will I be benefitted from it? If yes, then how? Trying to answer the first question, I will just try to explain the term. IB is the short form for Introducing Broker. So we have a new jargon, giving rise to a new confusion. To make it easier, introducing brokers are sort of middlemen in currency trade. It is not necessary that a Forex IB will be an individual person; it can very well be a .pany or an organization. Be it an individual or not, they are full of information about the trade and very much resourceful. Though the term is Introducing Broker, they do not act essentially as brokers. You can relate them to advisors and should value their advices as those are immensely important. IB as Career The actual concern of all the currency traders is, of course, to make money. So, basics are not more important than their practical application. So, let us deal with that most important thought that I mentioned above. Most of the forex affiliate marketing programs offer you an opportunity to work as an IB and it is more or less same as working as a forex affiliate. The only difference is that an IB has much more responsibility than an affiliate and you need to have a license. Besides referring a brokerage firm, you can train your clients and give them advices on the trade. A forex IB earns .mission from the referrals he does to his clients. The .mission can be in form of CPA or CPL or revenue sharing plan. Facts to Consider To gain high profits in forex affiliate marketing, you must deal with trustworthy brokers who are known to have good reputation. But, how do you know that you have found one? Heres a checklist look for the address, check the phone number and search for the .panys history if you can. Also you can learn about your broker from different forex forums. There, you can get in touch with people experienced in forex affiliate marketing and keeping in touch with them will surely help you out. Always remember to look for the .mission plan, because at the end of the day the thing that matters is surely money. That is why you are here. Many brokers will give you tempting offers of high .mission and rebates. Of course, these offers have their own appeal, but you should know better to trust them. Most of the time, it turns out to be fake. Obviously, it will be unfair to think of all the brokers alike. The reputed and trusted ones never give you false hope and are of immense benefit. So, get associated with a good affiliate program and you will be able to know what success is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: