Forbes visited the Shenzhen science and technology industry the 4 companies raised their concerns roxane hayward

Forbes visited the Shenzhen science and technology industry: the 4 companies raised their concerns [editor’s note] "Forbes Tencent technology" magazine writer of the · (Ben Sin); Xin recently went to Shenzhen, visited the zero UAV, Yunmai, 700Bike and Vivo and other 4 companies. According to him, Shenzhen is becoming the world’s hardware capital. The following is the main content of the article: as a living in Hongkong, China and the United States, I have a unique advantage to report digital products. The world’s most powerful software and applications were born in northern California, and almost all of the hardware (and some key applications and software) are developed in Shenzhen. Although Europe and the United States still generally believe that China’s technology companies are only plagiarism. However, this view is outdated, and even some arrogance. In their respective fields, Chinese technology companies have become the leader of innovation from followers. As a result, the journal and the Financial Times recently reported that Shenzhen would be called "the Silicon Valley of hardware". Apple will soon set up R & D center in Shenzhen. For the same reason, I also often travel in Hong Kong: there are too many stories to report. A week after I visited Meizu headquarters, I came here again and visited 4 companies in one day. 1, zero UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers, the first stop of my visit is zero UAV (Xiro). Zero UAV is China’s second largest UAV manufacturers, second only to the world’s leading xinjiang. The company’s office is located in the Shenzhen high tech park, Nanshan District. There are several other big companies in china. From zero UAV office looked, Lenovo, ZTE and Tencent office visible before the eyes. Tencent is a zero degree UAV investment. In January this year, Tencent and zero degree UAV’s parent company RAPOO reached a cooperation agreement. Zero UAV first product is four rotor UAV Xplorer (price of 2499 yuan). Its industrial design, 120 meters altitude, and excellent wind resistance has been well received by senior users. But in order to attract ordinary users, the company has developed a smaller size, lower prices of products, that is, Xplorer Mini. I personally tried this product. Mini and Xplorer can be controlled by a smartphone with a professional Xplorer that requires a dedicated handle. After a few seconds of synchronization, I was able to operate this product in a zero – dimensional UAV ‘s office. Jianhong, director of innovation, zero UAV Zheng gave a lot of help. Zheng Jianhong said that the design of Xplorer Mini can ensure safe flight indoors. The UAV equipped with indoor positioning system. He said: "in simple terms, this UAV using ultrasonic sonar to track the UAV position relative to the ground." So, why do users need to use drones indoors? Zero UAV hope that users can use Xplorer Mini in the party or bar self. In fact, the company’s marketing positioning of this product is the ultimate self uav". Jianh Zheng)相关的主题文章: