Female college students who have been raped during sexual self protest (video) puritans pride

Female college students who have been raped during sexual self protest according to the "New York Daily News" reported: because of carrying on campus sexual violence crime and mingzaoyishi mattress protest Columbia graduates Emma Surkh Vic Azee (Emma Sulkowicz) recently launched a new "art works" against rape. But this time, she was almost one-sided opinion rebound. The new works of Surkh Vic Azee is a video length of 8 minutes, in the form of the surveillance video of how she in a dormitory and a man from the original two intimate interaction, the development process of violence she was raped. In the video, the audience can see the anonymous man slapped her in the face, her neck, tore the condom and forced her to have sex. Lowicz surco to the work with the French named "this is not a rape". She explained in the introduction of the page, this work is not to reproduce the situation in the evening of August 2012, and asked to watch the video of the people the right motivation. "Please don’t take part in my rape. With a friendly view." The reaction to the video is almost one-sided negative. Many users comments, this work is not a good way of bad taste, she continues to spread anti sexual information. Some netizens said that this is simply a "disgusting little porn"; others say, surco lowicz is "sick". "If you become a porn actor, people may have more respect for you. At least you’re honest with yourself and others." "No other rape victim would have done that, especially if someone who claimed to have been so hurt," says one." Currently, this video has been unable to play online. Surkh Vic Azee claimed in August 2012 by the same school student Paul jesser (Paul Nungesser) south of rape, but the school in the investigation will not be expelled from the boys, lowicz surco then started his "carry mattress" behavior art protest. According to reports from Paul and lowicz surco first started dating, entering the second, two people became the new campus tour organizers. Paul and Surkh Vic Azee have sex in the dormitory after a party. According to the description, the beginning is consensual, but in the process of Paul suddenly brutal, strangling her neck and slapped her, despite her struggle and then say "no", and the occurrence of compulsive behavior. Editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading prison beat men the night before sexual assault of women handkerchief nasal stun相关的主题文章: