Federal Reserve Secretary George the economy is strong enough to raise interest rates further-mia farrow

The Fed’s ticket commission George: economy is strong enough to raise interest rates further general Huitong news network February 3rd — chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas Committee, the Fed’s 2016 FOMC George (Esther George) for Tuesday (February 2nd) said a written statement on the U.S. economic situation, the economy is strong enough, the Fed will raise interest rates further, stressed that the Fed should adhere to the gradual hike the road. George also said that every time the Fed rate hike timing depends on the state of the economy, the interest rate in December last year is the beginning of a gradual tightening of monetary policy. George stressed that the recent market volatility does not necessarily cause concern, the basic strength of the United States enough to support the sustained growth of the U.S. economy. George said that the policy is not possible for every financial market turmoil to respond, stressed that waiting for the data fully confirm the economic outlook, the Fed "wait too long to make policy decisions are risky. George pointed out that the Fed is paying close attention to the impact of energy industry jobs brought about the U.S. economy as a whole, in addition to George said that the Fed should direct and transparent cooperation with congress. In response to a reporter’s question, George said that low interest rates may exacerbate the risk appetite of the market. In addition, the United States needs to increase investment to maintain long-term economic growth, but the United States still can not solve the problem of "too big to fail". Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美联储票委乔治:经济足够强大 将进一步加息   汇通网2月3日讯——2016年美联储FOMC票委、堪萨斯联储主席乔治(Esther George)周二(2月2日)就美国经济状况发表书面讲话时表示,美国经济足够强大,美联储将进一步加息,强调美联储应坚持渐进加息之路。   乔治同时表示,美联储每次加息的时机均取决于经济状况,去年12月的加息是循序渐进收紧货币政策的开始。   乔治强调,近期市场波动不一定要引起担忧,美国基本面的强劲程度足以支撑美国经济的持续增长。乔治表示,政策不可能对每次金融市场的动荡做出回应,强调若等待的数据充分证实经济前景良好,那么美联储等待“过长时间”才做出政策决定是有风险的。   乔治指出,美联储正在密切关注能源行业就业岗位的流失对美国整体经济所带来的影响,此外乔治表示,美联储应当与国会进行直接透明的合作。   乔治在回答记者问时表示,低利率可能加剧市场的风险偏好。此外,美国需要增加投资以维持长期的经济增长,目前美国仍不能解决“大到不能倒”的问题。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: