Fan Bingbing propaganda new film was threatened not to leave the venue to power (video)

Fan Bingbing film was threatened not to leave the venue off [Abstract] Fan Bingbing on the threatened "if Fan Bingbing does not leave, to the venue power, the dialogue will lead to a half, miserably. Tencent Chu network news (reporter Li Huan) if you think only a small meat is popular, Fan Bingbing showing the strength of what is called "nei". Last night, Feng Xiaogang, director of the University of Wuhan to work together to promote a new film, I’m not Pan Jinlian, suffered a result of too high popularity, due to security considerations forced to leave the episode of """. This situation should be in Wuhan for the first time, even used to see the scenes of Feng Xiaogang Bing Bing as an injustice, and therefore "go off in a huff". Last night in a meeting, the first stage is the director Feng Xiaogang, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun and Wuhan writer Fang Fang, even if the audience ages, still did not see another guest Fan Bingbing figure. On the occasion of the students disappointed, Fan Ye suddenly airborne scene. For the "late", her sincere apology, and explained that because too many students want to see the side, but because of security reasons, people have been to the campus she is unable to enter the venue, and ultimately in the leadership of the school under the escort was able to approach. Just after Fan Bingbing had just finished the first question, the incident immediately reversed, she again said she was asked to leave immediately, otherwise the venue will be pulled off power. Pingdao also stressed that this matter is not creative control. Although Bing Bing has repeatedly expressed the hope to fight, and Wuhan fans chat for a while, the students also cried for idol to leave, but still could not escape by "please" situation. When you leave, weekdays strong Fan Ye in front of the audience and enthusiastic fans bowed, not shoot tears. In this regard, Feng Xiaogang is always straight talk from an honest man "old gun" body, spot Freak: I am a half Hubei, shooting the first film the rest of life encountered such a thing, Fan Bingbing is here and exchange students, she didn’t do anything wrong but this happened today, Fan Bingbing this, let me leave for Wuhan "an indelible impression." And when the moderator please comment on the comments of the current film comedy, Feng Xiaogang responded: now let me talk about comedy, I do not have this mood, no atmosphere." The writer Fang Fang also bluntly: "I support the Pingdao today, what if a film certainly didn’t believe, but you see this is the reality, is life." Thus, the whole conference in an awkward atmosphere ahead of the end. Do not know, "Daniel" Li Chen will be how to comfort in Wuhan by the "grievance" of the Fan Bingbing? According to Fan Bingbing Wuhan sports network news propaganda film was halfway off Feng Xiaogang broke out on the spot Chu network news (reporter Yao Gang Intern Yang Xueying) October 24th, director Feng Xiaogang’s latest film "I am not Pan Jinlian" was held in Huazhong Normal University in advance viewing and "challenge" comedy humor seminar. When the sports network reporter entered Huazhong Normal University event, found on only 4 stools. Previously, the film side to inform reporters Feng Xiaogang, Fan Bingbing, and the party will come to the scene, plus the host, should be placed 5 stool. Then, under the guidance of the director, the film "I am not Pan Jinlian," director Feng Xiaogang, the original work of the author of the book, the original film, the director of the original film, the original work of the author, the original work of the director of the相关的主题文章: