Fan Bingbing and loving show much Li Chen calm response but then abuse the dog just daily yuria

Fan Bingbing and loving show much? Li Chen calm response but only dog abuse: Daily original title: Fan Bingbing and Li Chen often complain: show affection is daily   Fan Bingbing micro-blog. In new network on 29 August, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud news, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing "later legend" falling in love, since public love often show affection. Whether it is 520 days (I love you), or the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day, let alone the dog abuse people call "too!" He was too bad flash flash, I did not expect him to win a calm answer, and then rushed to the hot search. Li Chen recently attended the event when he was asked too often show affection, he smiled and said "no child dog, just in some daily life." The presence of the media to be directly fed dog food, micro-blog users laugh "message bit this dog abuse behavior means more cruel." Because of this sentence, let the couple love again onto the hot search, and found evidence before the sun loving, fierce Tucao sunglasses can not stop." Li Chen micro-blog screenshot. Fan Bingbing’s September 16th birthday, this will go to Spain to San Sebastian International Film festival. Li Chen also said "will accompany her to go, she can also look at." In addition, he was asked when to get married, he said, "good news will tell you." But many popsicles (Fan Bingbing fans) early on that he is the Fan Ye husband, he will soon marry at the bowl. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: