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Internet-Marketing Facebook is a strong social media networking stage which one can take advantage of to produce leads for any business for free. Ranked #2 in the world by Alexa.. & Number 3 in the U.S., Facebook acquires over 600,000 new subscribers every single day & currently has over 300 million active individuals. The fastest rising demographic are those 35 years old and older. Facebook Marketing is a fantastic way to attract new business to you, however their’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. When utilizing any form of social media to market you want to be personable and approachable so you can connect with others of similar interests. It’s no different from attending a social event and meeting new people for the first time. Facebook is a excellent place to connect & provides many ways to brand yourself but you don’t want to dive in and start pitching your primary business opportunity. Start with the following 1. Profile Page The profile page is where "You Inc" .es into play. Upload a lovely photograph of yourself & put some details regarding you and only you. Your focus isn’t your business, its people & building relationships with them. Do not talk about your business opportunity on your profile. Write about your friends, family, hobbies, express your passions & anything that brings you joy. 2. Facebook Photos/Videos Best way to show transparency and who you really are is sharing images of things you like doing. When folks see things you share in .mon, they be.e attracted to you and relate more to you. When your done uploading your fun filled photos, create a short video wel.ing friends to your profile, this way they can hear your voice. 3. Friends Birthdays Individuals love it when you remember their birthdays. I know I do! Be sure the notification setting is turned on. Facebook can remind you of up.ing birthday’s with their simple feature. When this notification is on, you’ll receive an email telling you of up.ing friend’s birthdays for the following week. Just follow these steps. 1.Log into Facebook Account 2.Click on Settings (top of the page) 3.Select Account Settings 4.Click on the Notifications Tab 5.Place a checkmark on the option "Has a birthday .ing up (weekly email)" 6.Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button. Instead of sending a quick "Happy Birthday" note like others do, drop them a quick video You’ll stand out from the crowd big time. Remember you want to create good partnerships with like minded folks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: